Most of the florida keys restaurants have cuban food influences

Home of small talk and big tasty portions
The breakfast or lunch is delicious and we always get a few home-cooked muffins to enjoy later. go

Best Restaurants for Happy Hours
Pop right over to this bar and grab a quick beer if you need a little help to get your mind right for the party. go

It is all about the Mozzarella Cheese
It has lobster, shrimp and scallops inside, with sauce, cheese, and veggies. go

Fish Sandwiches
The views are outstanding with the backyard tiki bar. go

Best Restaurant for Wine and Seafood
Get wine by the glass or bottle, plus margaritas, beer, and whatever your favorite cocktail of the day is calling your name. go

Excellent Bar Food
Friday is always a very big crowd. go

Try this Stock Island Restaurant
In this town you do not go to the traditional places for dinner, you must eat under a giant tiki hut! go

Black Beans and Yellow Rice
I am a fan of the menu, especially the Pan con Lechon Sandwich (shredded roast pork on cuban bread) and the Lechon Asado (cuban style roasted pork). go


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All you need for Dinner is a Fishing Pole
Bringing an exhausted fish out of the water is like placing a plastic bag over the head a marathon runner. go

Fitness and Diet on Florida Keys Vacation
At least that's the way it is for most people, and with baskets on your bicycles you can easily carry groceries, wine, and beer back to the hotel. go

Key Deer Boulevard Viewing Park
Be careful walking around as poisonwood produces an oil which can cause a rash to kids and adults. go

A very Special Area
Couples would tend to like being near Duval and families might prefer a big swimming pool resort. go

Watch out for the Sharks
ANSWER: The answer is easy, as the big winner for a fun day is on the Atlantic Ocean is the Marathon Lady. go

Scuba Diving Learning, History, and Play
Do stop and checkout the Scuba Diving Museum and Store when you are in Islamorada. go

Fort East Martello Museum and Gardens
You just have to mix everything up when you come down here to Key West. go


Bicycle Riding to the Restaurants

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Bicycle Riding to the restaurants is a lot of fun to do. You can have cocktails and feel good about the ability to get home and not deal with the police. If you rent a bicycle from Eaton Bikes, they all come with a big basket so to carry your food back home. One place I would for sure stop on the bicycles to eat lunch is the healthy restaurant called Help Yourself Cafe. When your bicycle riding throughout the day to go from place to place and event to event, keeping the bikini body is not a problem. The island is nice and flat and there are sidewalks everywhere. We never felt like there was any problem with safety, even with the late-night bicycle rides. Make sure you do follow the Bicycle Parking rules as they are strict here.

Susanne E.