Music and Entertainment Shows shine at the Disney Parks

Big Crowds
It is fantastic! go

Best Month
Orlando becomes even more magical when the sunny destination is transformed into a holiday wonderland with festivals, shows and parades. go

Disney has a Crepes Cafe
Get the fresh catch, vegetarian dishes and select from daily specials. go

Swimming is a Big Deal
They have two huge pools that are side by side, but one is for the water basketball hoop, water volleyball, and splash play. go

Delicious Disney Buffet Feast
It was so nice to discover berlin's past and eat some really good food at the German restaurant. go

Swimming Pool Resort at Disney
The hotel was fabulous and girls bring your most beautiful bikini to show off. go

Scary Rides
I am 35, went down summit plummet one time, and that is it for me. go

Favorite Magic Kingdom Rollercoaster
The Magic Kingdom is where you get the thrills of the triple mountain whammy! go


Visitor Comments

Swan Resort Restaurant
For those wanting just dessert, get the fresh berries and a scoop of rice dream ice cream. go

Poolside Mango Rita Cocktails
The hotel is close to everything and can take advantage of the really good abercrombie kids Shopping opportunities that are part of your trip. go

Lakeside near Disney Rental
There are more special daily events that go on over at Epcot, so we probably would tell people to focus on that in the afternoons and evenings when it's more of the wine drinking time. go

Being so spacious is super, and our kids loved the swimming pool events. go

Special with Swimming Pool Activities
Do plan on a lot of swimming, they have a really big-giant swimming pool. go

Top pick for the Special Trips
So nice is the largest water playground on Disney resort property. go

Swimming Pool
They have convention space with huge private multipurpose rooms and lots of meeting rooms. go

My picks are the Music Acts

Learn from Walt Disney himself. It is normal over a 20, 30, or forty year working career to have job changes. It is just the way it is. Singing on Stage is a hard thing to do.

Olga Y.

One Less Bell to Answer

The fifth dimension would be great to see at Disney. What a great old song is the classic song: one less Bell to answer. Very good singing. I heard it on my seventy channel, and it sounded so good on my high fidelity stereo. A great tune. Others might say: you make me laugh! The fifth dimension! Put down that wacky weed and go ride Space Mountain.

Gayle D.