Many of the Area Restaurants have Live Music Hours to Enjoy

Hamburger Cafe
The world's largest burger cafe is a McDonald's on International Drive! go

Disney Seafood Restaurant
Family friendly is what this place is all about, and everything is about eating good foods. go

Best Pizza
The best thing about doing all the walking during the day at the Theme Parks is you can pretty much eat and drink as much as you want and you will still lose weight on any Orlando vacation! go

Barbecue is Great at Disney
One of the items I got was bulls-eye carolina style barbecue sauce. go

Citywalk Restaurants
You will not have any problem finding this fine restaurant because it sticks out as it is a superlarge building because they have concerts here. go

Little Italy Wine Bar
At least once a week we like to go out and do it a little more upscale, and eat a big meal out. go

Margaritas on the Brain
The restaurant is attractive with very cool old-style Mexican decor. go

International Drive Restaurants
It's easy to find if you're from out of town over at 8350 International Drive or really close to the Convention Center. go


Darned Hungry

Orlando Rollercoaster Hotel
Good advice was your article on the hardrock hotel Orlando. go

Walt Disney Television Shows
If you have children with you during your Disney vacation, make sure to take full advantage of the AAA Member program called Kids Eat Free Card. go

Tips to Save
During the day and evening they hold lots of acts and live events in the center square. go

The Parade
You have got to like everything about it. go

Extended Hours all Summer Nights
Yes, extended hours at all of the parks, except for Animal Kingdom which closes early because of the wild animal care. go

Disney World Grocery Store
Most of the hotel rooms in Orlando have a refrigerator in the room and they all do like Pop Century Resort if you stay on Disney property. go

Restaurant Opportunities
Great for families and you can buy Japanese Beer and Wine. go

Nutritional Selections

Eating really good is something special when you are on vacation in Orlando. There are all kinds of coupons to take advantage of the discounts to the restaurants. The restaurant industry in Orlando is highly competitive for the tourist dollar, plus you get a Happy Hours for the cheap beers and Cocktails. As for the food, even the Food Courts at Disney are completely impressive and have low-fat and fat-free options on many of their meals or Condiments. Thank goodness for fat-free Italian dressing which hardly has any calories at all. The american diet could be improved if they ate the food quality that they have here, every time you go to the Food Court get something that is not fried, everything that is baked is a good idea. We try to reduce the sugar intake and the kids are following right along. Thank goodness the manufacturers are putting all kinds of information on the labels these days, to help make proper nutritional selections. Yes they have some other things like pop tarts and pizza, everybody needs a treat now and then.

Mike E.

List of Animal Kingdom Restaurants

This is the List of Animal Kingdom theme park Restaurants. I put them in order of my taste buds! Tamu refreshments in Africa. Pizzafari Safari village is in the center. Dawa bar in Africa. Flame Tree Barbecue Discovery Island near bridge to Dinoland. Dino bite snacks next to Restaurantosaurus. Beastly kiosk has snacks before the safari area. Donald's safari breakfast at tusker house Dinoland usa. Anandapur Yak and Yeti restaurant in Asia. Trilo-bite has super burgers in Dinoland. Isle of java for all the Coffee Drinks in Africa. Tusker house restaurant is the big one in harambe Africa. Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom main entrance of the Theme Park. Royal Anandapur Tea Company Asia has coffee drinks, beer, tea, and wine. Restaurantosaurus Dinoland usa is the Burger Bar Cafe. Dino diner is great for the foot long hot dogs in Discovery Island. Harambe fruit market has lots of soda drinks and healthy items in Africa across from the kilimanjaro safari.

Quentin W.