Make sure to pick a Fun Hotel when Vacationing in Orlando

Hotel near Seaworld
The big key is the kitchen, all of the activities, and it's gated with secured access. go

Coronado Springs Review
We stayed in section 7b in room number 7402, and fully loved it. go

Lake Side Views
Orlando has some really nice hotels loaded with watersports activities. go

Hotels to be Pampered
Situated in the heart of Orlando's tourist district, you will find the peabody to be a convenient locale for all your travel needs. go

Swimming Pool
I was quite impressed with the overall theme at the hotel and just the way everything was taken care of to make it very comfortable for the guest. go

Plan your Vacation Stay
Excellent value and the swimming pool is the kind of thing that makes coming home to the room special. go

Swimming Pool
The hotel's activity list can pack your day with a full spectrum of family pleasures. go

Pacific Island Themed
The Polynesian Resort is one of the nicest hotels I've ever had the pleasure at staying at. go


Families are Welcome

Balcony Rooms with a View
We considered staying at and decided be close to Disney was more important. go

Eating Outside with a View
You will have your groove on after stopping at hooters and enjoying some cocktails and then you can walk next-door to the Howl at the Moon bar where they have live music. go

Special Performances
What fun, a nice chance to experience a harmonious blend of Street Performers acrobatic prowess. go

Disney Sports Bar
My menu favorites are listed next. go

Summer is Trip Season
Deals of 10 percent to 20 percent may be available if you ask when booking the hotels, especially for Florida Residents. go

Hitting the Pool
Things are just way more relaxing when you don't have to kind of pack up things, to a large degree, because you know you can quickly pop over to the room when you need too. go

Ride Though the Planets
Space Mountain is a fast one that we like, but not so good with small kids. go


Trip over to Orlando

Families are Welcome

After returning from the third trip over to Orlando and the Theme Park vacations, things are better than ever. Even just driving around town a little bit there is all kinds of new attractions, really nice bookstores, lots of buffet style restaurants with good prices, and Happy Hours are everywhere in the afternoon. We ended up taking the Caribbean Beach Resort on this trip and boy does that place have it going on for a good time. They have a marina where you can rent all those different kinds of boats, plus you can rent canoes at many of the disney hotels. One of the Things we Liked best was the banana cabana Poolside Bar, right near the big main pool. The complex here has a fort themed Swimming Pool, one of the best around. It's nice to get a little bit of everything. You can stop by the local Publix to get your groceries, and the Walmart is not that bad either, plus they have better prices. Always bring your bicycles to your Disney vacations.

Allan N.