Make sure to do all of the scary rides first

Be a Star in the Show
It is great to do, so raise your hand to volunteer. go

Love the Spinner Rides
This is the one that our kids love the best by far, and it's fun for adults. go

Special Performances
Each day there's something completely different, as they like to keep things spicy. go

Good Idea for Art
It is a hoot! go

Prettiest of Orlando Golf Courses
We do not just do the Theme Parks, as golf is always on our minds in Orlando. go

Go on the Rollercosters
What fun for some, but my mom was so scared. go

Surprised by the Cool Stuff in Morocco
Yes, this is a true Moroccan Custom that has been the rage for thousands of years. go

Orlando International Racetrack Speedway
I was wondering how you get inside of the race track, and a nice tunnel for the cars to go through is the perfect thing. go


Variety of Options

Free transportation to your hotel doorstep
Designed for an upbeat family, all will enjoy nice rooms and sweet looking surroundings. go

I am looking for a bigger slide. go

Military Discounts in Orlando
This is the kind of resort that adults and kids are both big smiles. go

Swimming Pool
You can swim at the Disney pools in the winter! go

Every Day is Play time Here
Plus, we can hit the mini golf, i-drive, and other places we have not been. go

Hotels at Disney
I am sure just about everybody is impressed with the way it looks and the giant swimming pool which sits right in the middle of it all. go

Super Pleasures to Make You Smile
Every time we've had an opportunity to come here to Orlando it has been a good time and a lifetime of memories. go

Mickey Mouse Plant Sale Event

Disney has the super tree sale event. My eye will be out for the tree sale. I will let you know, as they are a regular thing. Both you and I can search google to let me know!

Erasmo E.

Disney World Corn Toss Championship

Yeah for corn toss at the disney hotels! It was a pleasure to be in town for the Disney World corn toss championship. Yeah for all the kids to smile all day! We brought the own corn toss which was a big highlight. It fits under the hotel bed. It will be great to play out in the yard too, once the outdoor patio area is done.

Moshe S.

Have Fun

Yes we will have fun in this town, but we have to be warm for December in Orlando. We might do a late night bike ride, not sure. It could be cool and windy and we need to deal with it with preparation and gloves! Even biking in the day will be cold, just like me today on my bike here. Remember no small white purses allowed, only large beer carrying bags! Say hi to b12 induced Lion King kitty from Florida Travel Commander and do not forget about the Italian cafes for the best food.

Buford S.