Lots of movement and shaking are part of the whole experience

Pint Sized Roller Coasters
It is great being on a whimsical Disney journey into a child's mind. go

Car Race
You get to do so much on a Disney day and for the little ones there's a young toddler activity area and there are a bunch of those bread out all over the place. go

Good for Adults
I kid you not, these little kids all get a little plastic sword and they try to go up and learn to fight with Captain Jack Sparrow. go

More Secret Spots at Disney Orlando
Nice spot and we have to vote highly for the Disney Nightlife held here each evening. go

Even adults will sing along and dance as you watch from the crowd. go

Going to the Water Park
We love all of the Orlando attractions to splish-splash and have a blast. go

Try the food at Epcot Italy for a sure fire good taste! go

Disney Haircuts for Girls
Pick from a list like: fairytale, Disney diva, and pop princess. go


Enjoy Yourself

Drinks by the Pool
That is the kind of thing that will make the kids smile and get so much fitness. go

Pool Time
It is a winning hotel pick. go

Beach Club Resort Swimming Pool
They have a monster waterslide, easily the best of all the Disney resorts. go

Best Disney Hotel
Great job with the fantastic pool Mickey Mouse pool guys. go

The Place to stay for Golf
Good for the price, as value and location is the draw. go

Love the Easy Monorail Travel Options
We love to make it a real party when we stay in Orlando. go

Prime Splash Hotels
It is fun staying active and that's why we like Orlando as a great city for vacation in general. go

Year of a Million Dreams

How about free events, sponsored as part of the Year of a Million Dreams. Example, we were at Blizzard Beach and just got off of Summit Plummet and there was a whole bunch of Walt Disney employees offering free wrist bands to a free two hours of unlimited rides at Blizzard Beach, after the park was closed for all. This is the best of free Disney Events.

Spencer E.

Go for the Seasonal Adventures

When I say it's worth it, so fun are the major holidays. Best is to have your child miss school for Low Lines. Winter is truly the best weather in florida as it's not too hot and not too cold. Best time to visit the parks of Orlando is October.

Ismael J.

Happy Times

Cancelling your reservation is so easy with the Marriott chain. Here is my details, which highlights the nice cancellation policy. You may cancel your reservation for no charge until December twenty three, 2014 or a total of one day before arrival. Please note that we will assess a fee if you must cancel after this deadline. If you have made a prepayment, we will retain all or part of your prepayment. If not, we will charge your credit card. This fee equals one night of your room charge plus tax for the first night of your reservation. One day ahead seems just fine to me.

Erna Q.