Lots of Fun to Do in Orlando

Good Places to enjoy Orlando Outdoors
Tube rides are fun to do at the parks. go

Super Fast
The lifeguards here are really good just like the ones they have at the hotel pools. go

Do Your Orlando Travel Homework
Get the building name always when you inquire to make your reservation, so you can see it on the Resort Park Map. go

Young Children Exploration Suggestions
This is an amazing place to be if you like animals. go

Adventure Pleasures
The ride is very pleasant and offers some really nice lakeside views. go

Star Wars Festivities
They are really good about horticulture, so don't stand on any plants when you're trying to get a good view. go

Relaxing Ride
We agree with the best rides for families at the Magic Kingdom list. go

We love the Parade
It's a little bit different because they stop and start the parade to redo scenes or to change the lighting, or something else might not be just right and they want to redo the particular video. go


Go here for Fun

Makes the Heart Skip a Beat
The 24-passenger limo screeches to a halt in front of you and that is when the heart starts pounding. go

Disney Springs Gift Store
The suggestion for a Disney Springs is to take advantage of the gift Shopping for young children. go

Flaming Wok
If you want spicy food make sure you ask for it, the same thing goes with less spicy. go

Magic Kingdom River Boat
Take the river boat when you want to relax and get off your feet for the journey. go

All Ages Welcome
The layout is nice as the alleys are not side by side down on big wall like old style bowling locations. go

Pool Time
It is a winning hotel pick. go

Hamburger Cafe
Of course you have to get the french fries with whatever thing you buy, it's a tradition. go

Orlando is Super

We love the Orlando police chief. Keeping things safe is a big deal in the area. Lake Buena Vista is rocking again from the last great recession with a rejuvenated spirit and a bold vision. Have fun in style near Mickey Mouse fun. Like so many in the community, I am excited about the early progress and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. The job market is excellent. The recent strides we have made extend to the police department. Pay attention to the road signs. A safer high speed pursuit policy has been implemented, just do not run. Over doing the beer at Disney is a huge deal, plus the gun-sniffing dogs have joined the force. Things could not be safer. Orlando is super about keeping the community informed and aware.

Nora M.

Keeping the Smiles On

Do not Miss the Irish Bar at Disney Springs. You will love bands using the accordion, flute and guitar with plenty of reels and jigs. The raglan rebels is ireland Orlando's best up-and-coming young band with traditional and modern songs and ballads. Everyone loves a with their Unique and fresh take on irish Music. The brayzen heads will get you Dancing. The band leader will do the dancing and choreographer of the hooley. Scythian is a big headliner on the celtic festival circuit and equally at home in rock venues the band have just released a new album, jump at the sun to celebrate ten years. The great irish ceili will be good to kick up their heels. The west coast trio is from connemara, playing traditional and Contemporary irish songs. Everyone is aloud to drink beer throughout the hooley. The Raglan Road regularly is putting their own spin on traditional irish and modern music. The Raglan Road dancers plucked from the cast and stages of the world's greatest irish Dance Shows will be performing. Families are invited to participate in our irish dance workshops from our roots to riverdance. The Raglan Road irish dancers will be on hand to guide you along! From roots to riverdance is my kind of dance band. Drops of green is all good, an exciting new ballad group from the heart of ireland. These bands have already begun to make a name for themselves in Orlando. We love the multi-talented irish folks on guitar and banjo perform.

Fidel N.

Happy Times

Panda Express for sure yeah. I have been trying to do similar recipes so guests say yeah, yeah! Florida Travel Commander hit a Home Run, as the chicken has lots of color, is not burnt, and prime time. I can cut up some carrot strips and celery strips and bring blue cheese dressing to dip in with the bbq grilled chicken strips.

This is great for the Pop Century Resort refrigerator and late night snacks. You are going to be proud of the chef this time aiming towards great moes.com food. I realize I have burnt a few things and under cooked a few things, but not this time!

Alfonzo B.