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Swimming Pool
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Very Pretty Hotel
When you come back from the rollercoaster rides, all of the Disney hotels specialize in swimming in the pool and safely. go

Exceeded our Expectations
It was perfect for us, as the giant old port royale pool zone was the evening play area. go

Saving money at the Restaurants
The swimming pool was the surprise attraction, and it was our top thing to do at the hotel property. go

Disney World Hotel Deals
This is the best Orlando hotel with kids near Disney World. go

Magnolia Golf Course Resort
Everyone loves the party vibe in Orlando Florida at a Disney resort. go

Boat Marina
It is tough to top the seaside play at the Disney marina and all the swimming pool splash play. go

Happy Orlando Hotel Pick
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Guest Parking

Stay Extra close to Epcot
This is a Disney deluxe villa resort with all the extras. go

Riding Expedition Everest
This town sure knows how to toss a daily party. go

Outdoor Adventures
Between the swimming pools and all the other stuff to do, you do not have to do the theme parks every single day. go

Going First Class
Disney resorts rock. go

Cafe for the Movie Stars
This is a great spot to eat during your day. go

Once you get inside then you go down or maybe it's up, can't remember but the elevator moves and that's when things start to get really spooky. go

Orlando's Best Meatloaf
It was my birthday so I wanted a homemade ravioli. go

Super are the Hotel Choices

They have built some really nice family-friendly style hotels in the Orlando area. The Nickelodeon was a blast and very good for small children. If you have a little bit older age, go with the Contemporary or Polynesian Resorts, both are beachside. We love staying here, the fun just surrounds you in every direction. Kids keep smiling.

Eliza N.

Hotel Website

Merry Christmas early wishes from Florida Travel Commander! Here is the hotel website if you want to click a few times to get to know it again. It looks like Wednesday is a weather transition day, then bright blue skies Thursday and Friday both. No need to rush home, we can do a full day of Friday and make it back later like 4pm to 8pm or whatever. Having the triple aaa-coverage is nice for evening driving return plus having lots of pizza leftovers. We have a wide open schedule, but being home not too late sounds good.

Eugenia U.