Key to Orlando Hotel Picking is Having a really good Time

Lake Side Views
Orlando has some really nice hotels loaded with watersports activities. go

Hotels near Disney
Let Disney deal with your luggage, and everything must be handled prior to three hours of your airline departure time. go

Balcony on Crescent Lake
It is a really charming resort featuring a working Boardwalk Entertainment District complete with restaurants and bars a plenty. go

Staying at a Walt Disney World Resort
They said that this place opened after All-Star Sports, around the same general time frame. go

Lower Priced
It is hard not to be happy when you're in a such a place that is all inspired by Disney movie films. go

International Drive Entertainment District
They have tennis courts and lots of activities for kids, plus really good bar cocktails in the lobby. go

Tops on the Hotel List
I thought is the best value resort on-property hands down. go

Sidewalk Pathway
The prices are darn nice for the family style themed resorts. go


Pick a Hotel

Bus Lines
It works quite well as long as you know the system and have the schedule down. go

Splitsville Luxury Lanes
They have separate sections to bowl in a bunch of different areas, each with four lanes or so. go

Lots of Entertainment Choices
This town is just fantastic, it was our very first trip to the area. go

Vibrant Orlando Beachfront Resort
We came for the weekend and wanted to do a little bit a golfing and take advantage of the Theme Park Resorts. go

Great Orlando Attraction DIY
You will get all kinds of discounts and coupons and the little magazines. go

Drink Bucket Cocktails
Nothing tops a festive evening when you're on vacation having a good time. go

Swimming Pool
We need to take advantage of the swimming pool, so March or April would be super or now! go


We like Orlando Hotels

Pick a Hotel

We like Orlando, and try to take a trip here at least every six months or so. This is the perfect city for families with children. We did a lot in Florida and so much enjoy the Cocoa Beach Marriott, when we want to get the big waves. When you're Staying in Orlando, and you want waves, try Typhoon Lagoon. They have an amazing wave creation machine. I mean this thing makes waves just like they do over at Atlantic Ocean. The same size as you would see the surfers up on right next to the Cocoa Beach Pier. You get to pick where ever you want to stay in the summer, because a lot of the Hotel Rooms in the city are empty. I have read that up to fifty percent or more are empty from Monday to Friday. That gives you a big ability to negotiate when you're on the phone. It's a good idea to look up the articles on the vacancy rate before you make your phone call to the hotel, that way you're all primed with ammunition to get Your Hotel discount!

Abbie R.