It is really nice to Try the Food at the Themed Orlando Restaurants

Famous Milkshake Menu
The cafe makes a very good cuban sandwich on a hot fresh-baked sub roll with french fries. go

Character Greetings
On a side note, one of the things we like the lot was the decorations and painting that goes on inside your room and all over the place. go

Orlando Duck Bar
We just love it here and it's never too busy where you can't get a seat. go

Citywalk Restaurants
They are really big into the smokehouse sandwiches so you might consider getting one of those. go

Best Orlando Cuban Sandwich
With dazzling Havana inspired murals and breathtaking tropical decor, it gets you going nicely. go

Barbecue is Great at Disney
If you want to make some barbecue of anything over the holidays, do have the bulls-eye carolina. go

Dining at Planet Hollywood
Orlando's Restaurant Row is Fantastic. go

Eating at Disney
I love that burger bar cafe they have inside the Animal Kingdom park. go


Yummy Foods

Live Events
Our experience at the Disney World parades has been excellent. go

Things we Liked
You can see the fire nicely underneath the airplane as it starts to build up for the wheels. go

Magic Kingdom Courtyard Cafe
Get something healthy for the sides instead of fries and cookies. go

Lots of Laughter
Amazing are the things that you can run into during your Disney Day and a fast pass is not required! go

Touring the Moroccan Showcase
I forgot to check how much this camel was, the carving is outstanding. go

Tops on the Hotel List
I thought is the best value resort on-property hands down. go

Orlando Waterpark Fun
I would plan on at least five hours, if your body can handle it. go

Take out Food near Disney

Let's try a new place this coming weekend in greater Orlando. How about Dante's coal fired pizza. We can get take out food to go and bring back to the Disney resort. I would like to visit the orange blossom trail and Pine Island road areas too. I haven't been there before, as the city has a lot to offer on non-Theme Park days.

Minh U.

Eating to have Fun

Those folks at Disney really came up with a good one when they put that Espn Restaurant in that Hotel District. That is the perfect thing for families that have children, as kids pretty much all like sports to some degree. It's a whole wall of entertainment and people don't want to stare at each other, when they've already been walking around all day so close. Eating at a themed restaurant with a lot of entertainment is very important when you have your grandparents and different people, so every body has something to talk about. I just could not imagine going to a normal style restaurant where there's nothing really going on except the waitress walking back and forth every now and then. It's not Much Fun just watching somebody across from your table twirling their iced tea glass around with her spoon. Pick a place to have fun and this is it!

Constance Q.

Hits the Spot

bbq hits the spot at Citywalk orlando. What a menu of food cafes. The smokey Hot Dog adds a little variety in the texture to a hotdog meal. The big question once you receive your order is exactly how to tackle it. Good is pulled barbecue pork and a heaping helping of coleslaw. Cole slaw balances the mild spice of the barbecue so nicely. Get a barbecue slaw dog for sure. Good Food to me is just gigantic, and you may be tempted to eat the pork and slaw off the hot dog. Try to eat at least a few bites as-is before it starts to fall apart since it is so big. I have to mention the restaurant food. Pick out a good Orlando bbq restaurants like the bbq cafe. It's easy to understand why this gourmet dog has survived since its introduction while others have come and gone.

Josue T.