It is nice to see a bunch of the nature spots

Parks to see in the Upper Keys
We want to report on this fantastic beach and boater park. go

Nice Swim at Vernon Street Beach
All of the beach zones here are fun, try Simonton for a sunset swim. go

Things to do at Key Colony Beach
The kayak and the bicycle riding is all we needed mostly. go

Little League Baseball in Key Largo
Games are played here at Key Largo Community Park at Mile Marker 99. go

People and Turtles love to Swim
This is a marked off swimming only area, and you will notice this as being consistent around this part of the island. go

Do it All on Bicycles in Key West
The race today of the tour de France had some crazy stuff happen. go

If you go when it is more bumpy or rough, it is a bit more work. go

Places to take your children
also, Take your children for the walk out on the seven mile bridge, the old part. go


Playgrounds and More

Go with the Catch of the Day
You can bring your fish catch in and get it all spiced up right. go

Fine Stay in the Keys
Key Largo is a pretty darn good spot, and so easy for people to get to from Fort Lauderdale or West Palm Beach Florida. go

Condo Rentals with Direct Beach Access
In spite of Marathon's reputation for being a fish zone, it really is a playground for the upscale Florida tourist. go

Black Beans and Yellow Rice
I am a fan of the menu, especially the Pan con Lechon Sandwich (shredded roast pork on cuban bread) and the Lechon Asado (cuban style roasted pork). go

Visit Bob Bunz
I wanted to point out the place we like for take-out lunch food in the Upper Keys, specifically at 81.6. go

Go with the Salads at Chubs
Love the fifty piece wings for out in the boat or during a sports game. go

Weekly Rental
Having a clean value hotel option would be nice. go


Having Fun in the City Parks

Playgrounds and More

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Tia J.