It is nice Having a lot of Activity Options at the Hotel

International Drive Hotels
The parking lot does get filled up and some people had to park behind the hotel in the strip mall parking lot. go

Excellent Hotel
I do not paying more for on property convenience. go

Free Drinks
Make sure you check with the concierge service because they have lots of discount coupons to give you for the various restaurants, bars, and things to do around International Drive. go

Mid Level
We brought the bicycles and they are fun to ride around to see more. go

Sports Activities
I told my mom you asked how she is doing in the snow. go

Hyatt Regency Orlando
There are bike rentals available for your exercise enjoyment along with a whole lot more. go

A Hotel Weekend in Orlando
There are no sharks in the swimming pools and that is just fine for me. go

Orlando Camping
It is a camp ground with just enough artifice carved out so that Disney guests never are truly roughing it. go


Finding the Bargains

Big Hotel
The kids loved it and the theme park face painting children place. go

Disney World Grocery Store
This is the Publix grocery store that is very close to Disney world and the one that most people would probably want to go to pick up groceries. go

International Drive Shops
International Drive is a really good place to find some deals if you hunt around at the different stores that are offered on this three mile long core Shopping zone. go

Island Style Dining
Get the feeling of the Florida Keys while you're eating lunch and maybe you could sip on a pina colada to really make it special. go

Skeet Ball
I specifically like the most the Nascar driving game which bounces you around if you hit the wall and when you crash. go

International Drive Chinese Restaurant
The beef stew in the flaming wok is one of the most impressive things you'll ever see, and I love creative. go

Everything is Built for Speed
I love the adult rides and it's too bad they decided to do away with the Disney Speedway. go


Best Places to Stay

Finding the Bargains

Everybody has different opinions on the best places to stay when you are taking a vacation in Central Florida. Most people would say it is an Orlando vacation. I say it's really more like a Lake Buena Vista vacation, with a little bit of the city of Kissimmee and a little bit of the city of Orlando. The main action tourist area is where you want to be because there's more going on Monday through Friday. This town is seven days a week when you're in the tourist area. I thought it was a pleasure to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is uniquely themed and loads of fun For all Ages. This is one hotel you want to take advantage of the dining. I like the value resort Food Courts, but this is some really good eating and what a Swimming Pool. I am so much looking forward to when they start having elephant rides to take you from the hotel lobby over to the entrance to the Animal Kingdom Theme Park!

Erna C.