It is a lot of fun to enjoy theme park events

Sword Play
A very special show and one that you do not want to miss. go

December at Disney
Voted by guests as the very best month for Disney World vacation trips is holiday season. go

Catastrophe Canyon
Lasts for about 30 minutes, a show and ride combo. go

Shooting the River Rapids
First you have to stop at the Kali River Fastpass, unless your going at some hot time and you are looking at less than a twenty minute wait. go

Best Orlando Oriental Restaurant
This is a place to get a true experience and be dazzled and delighted as you go through the food eating experience of a lifetime. go

Very Big, Fun, and Busy too
Apparently this dates back to Walt's wishes, as they started to run into this problem way back at the original park. go

Lets go Dancing
Adults and children were dancing in the isle and clapping to the beat. go

Glad to hear from you and that all are healthy and happy, so we will think about you at the Orlando Theme Park Concerts while drinking beer! go


Filled with Entertainment

The Hotel Features Mangino's
It was very nice for us that care so much about the planet to stay at an energy efficient hotel. go

Totally Satisfied with the Resort
One of the things they advertise which is very unique is the archaeological dig site which sits right next to the pool area. go

Swimming Pools
Tops of the list is the Finding Nemo-themed Big Blue Pool. go

Active Vacations gives Disney Resorts the Advantage
The property is hugely spacious for walking, biking, or any type of fitness activities. go

Paddle Boats
Your giant swimming pools are always ready, heated in the winter too! go

Hotel with Fishing
Walt Disney is designed with comfort in mind for both the parents and kids. go

We stayed in trinidad north so the walk to port royale was refreshing. go

Memory Maker

I wanted to do a brief review on the trip to the Magic Kingdom last weekend. They have done a good job on keeping things at a level that is nice for the younger kids with their parents. If you want to have alcohol or do more Dancing, then pick one of the other Theme Parks. When you're bringing your Younger Children, you want to be sure that they get the whole fantasy experience out of every moment of the day. Taking photographs is a key element and we sure did plenty of that. I was even able to get a good photograph of the kids on the Space Ranger Spin ride, and that is so colorful for a memory maker. Make sure to have your map out and if you can memorize it the night before and it is a lot better for you. Make sure you and your child have a meeting place if you get lost and the cell phones don't work right to connect up.

Thomas H.

Oh so Good

Disney is so into tech now, as we saw at Pop Century Resort this week. Everyone is getting better at info delivery. Did you notice the Orlando preview by yahoo, which is new to the last couple of months. It happens when you include a link. I have gotten tons of preview by yahoo from you. It happens in the yahoo email sender. Look for the preview by yahoo, it is the square box which gives more info than just a web url link.

Very cool, and I am still using the old version of disney yahoo. Which they finally fixed up and I really like it again. You might have to select old version or something if you want to try. Please add the bike brake to the fix up list. I can put that one on the guarantee list. Only the refrigerator is not on the guaranteed list, as it is too Unique. I can fix toilets, bike brakes, washer foot stabilizers, escaping kitties, and bathroom wall problems, but no guarantees on the frid. I have some ideas starting with what we talked about, oil stops squeaks! Lots to do before the rollercoater rides and the food winner.

Thelma T.