In the back country there are winding mangrove-lined channels, a must see for boaters and kayaks

The Area is Prime for Boat Trips
Could anyone have a better place for getting out on the waters of the Florida Keys? go

Go Fishing or Scuba Diving from here
The water clarity makes it so nice for all ages. go

The Waterfront Makes Key West so Special
They have a fantastic waterfront restaurant, which is open to the public. go

Boat Ramp at the Hotel
We like staying here because of the quick access. go

Best of the Hotels That Are Boater Friendly
I like the boating in this area as there is a bridge with in a mile or two in every direction. go

Hot Zone for the Kayak Trips
I loved the Hampton next door last summer, but here you have a little more of a group party, which is something special on its own merit. go

Vaca Key Kayak Ramp
Most of the ramp launch zones in the Florida Keys are rocky, here you have beach sand. go

Good Places to Take the Boat in Florida
The trailer area seems decently secure. go


Drop the Boat

Rent a Kayak in Islamorada
Forget about the big boats (although they are fun too) as the kayak rules around the shallow islands. go

Kite Board
Kite surfing is a blending of windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding, so you get a true workout. go

Fishing for what the Florida Keys has to offer
The special techniques used to catch the yummy Yellow Tail Snapper are just a showcase of a top-notch Captain. go

Keeping the Underwater Adventures Simple
The boat trip out is a super treat on its own. go

Place to go Fishing
Photos are great on the fishing trips, plus get a single use underwater camera at Kmart. go

Bring your ice to take your catch
Where is best to fish? go

Pennekamp Coral Reef Dive Trip
Do call ahead and make sure you have the schedule down and what the wind flow is expected to be. go


Fun in your Boat

Drop the Boat

What a trip we had, it's very special to come to the islands and enjoy the water opportunities and the boating. Not everybody wants to take their own boat out to the reefs, as the professionals are pretty good to use sometimes. We highly recommend Amoray Dive for being very good and safe. Scuba trips should not be scary, and the upper keys have so many good places to go. This is one of the more popular spots to go out on a scuba or snorkel trip to the Florida Keys reef system. The boat is excellent, and this is a family resort. It is really good to time your boat vacations for the Lobster Catching season. No matter how you harvest your lobster catch, it is a big adventure and something you have to try. The commercial fishing industry works hard at it, just like you do a free dive with a lobster tickle stick! I always get excited on the drive down when we cross over the Jewfish Creek Waterway. Things are just a bit more exciting in the Florida Keys when you have a boat to play around with! It made for the coolest vacation pleasures. You don't have to go into deep water to have fun in your boat. We think that Black Water Sound is a very nice place indeed. Plan on A good Time at this fantastic bayside area in the upper Florida Keys that the boaters use for Backcountry Fishing, kayak trails, and daily sunsets. The wind protected areas are highly sought-after on windy days.

Adolph P.