If you have the skill and ability to get at natural bait, go for it

Boater Friendly Restaurant and Sports Bar
This is a good option, as the top tip of Key West allows us much quicker access to the back country and the reef system is right here on the opposite side. go

Boater Friendly Islamorada Sandwich Shop
You cannot miss this place, massive and right on US1 Oceanside. go

Permit are Schooling near the Reefs
It makes no sense economically. go

Marathon Fishing Tackle Supplies
Find my favorite place at Mile Marker 48 or 1901 Overseas highway in Marathon. go

A New Fishing Tradition is Born
These outings are the perfect thing for enjoying the island and ocean waters. go

Fishing Poles Get Plenty of Use
The shallow water fishing is very entertaining. go

Backroad Parks
The flounder spawn is coming up and they will start firing up just like the sheephead have been. go

Everyone can help Commercial Fishing Businesses
The Coast Guard watches everything, so watch out when you get a fish on the line. go


Tossing the Lures

Nature Island of the Florida Keys
There are a lot of things to see outdoors on Big Pine Key. go

Historic City Center Locations
Channel Marker Five marks the upper end of the walk way filled with eye-candy. go

Nature Lovers Florida Keys
It is extraordinary with a vast subtropical ecosystem. go

Rent from Island Bikes
Beach cruisers are really cheap and a lot of fun to ride. go

Things to see on Big Pine Key
Be careful walking around as poisonwood produces an oil which can cause a rash to kids and adults. go

Could not Love Scooters More
We have learned our lesson and now head straight to the scooter rental shop, just as soon as we check into the hotel. go

Upper Florida Keys Boater Restaurant
Nothing beats their Fish Baskets, this is the home of seafood done right! go

Fish are Biting Big Time

I did not have any rain and it is sunny here. Kitty is fine and the fish are biting big time. I love the Florida Keys fishing for Yellowtail Snapper. We go Islamorada accommodations that were super Boater Friendly. The suite included a king bed for the adults, and a pair of twin beds for the little rockers.

Denice P.

Fishing Advice

Thanks Florida Travel Commander for the fishing advice! Even fishing behind our Condo Rental in Key Colony Beach is fantastic. Catman circus kitty is not sleeping under the couch anymore because it is cooler out now. Instead, he is sitting on the couch, keeping watch for fish and lizards! The live pink shrimp work great at night on in coming tide.

Tami L.