So you want to get a little fitness and exersise in the Florida Keys

Upper Keys Little League
Just bring your child to a game to start the process of joining. go

What we like to do the most
We stayed at the Days Inn and found some really great things to explore, like the Hurricane Monument. go

Get some Exercise
There is a fabulous restaurant in the middle of the park, Salute on the Beach. go

Do it All on Bicycles in Key West
The trolley stops right by and there are bike racks here so you can lock up and explore the area after or before you swim. go

Pigeon Key Car Parking
We recommend that all visitors that make it this far down, stop and enjoy the historic Seven Mile Bridge. go

Good picks with Children
It is a good time for hands-on learning about sealife. go

Little Crawl Key Park
Over the years, we have stopped at all of the cool places to relax for a bit on the way to Key West. go

Matecumbe Harbor Beach Area
It is a lovely area when driving from Islamorada to the Lower Keys. go


Local Parks

How is the Bicycle Riding in Islamorada
Guided bicycle tours are growing in popularity, so check the schedule. go

Pickup Cafe for Food-to-Go
It is off the main roads, so it was a lucky break that our condo cleaning lady told us about it. go

Underwater Nature is Unreal
What a neat chance to get out on a catamaran, and a 50 footer! go

Water Play at the Hammocks
So many questions come our way of where is the place to spark up some romance in the Middle Florida Keys. go

Nautical Wearables for Ladies
Call the store to find out when the next sidewalk sale in full swing. go

Historic Seaport Harbor Walk Entrance
So many ships, divers, and ship wreckers have made this harbor home. go

Lobster Fajitas are the Prize
Eat a fresh catch platter, plus all the good stuff like salads, steaks, sandwiches. go


Excellent is the Key West Airport

Local Parks

The Southernmost Airport is Fantastic. Of course I will help you with airport drop off and pickup. Don't worry about a thing, just be sure to book a transfer in Colorado to pick some recreational goodies! Book a flight with a nice little stop off in Colorado.

Julianne K.