I am perfecting the Green Turtle pasta salad dish

Boot Key Channel Waterfront Bar
You will love all the great restaurants in Marathon Key. go

Tiki Bar at the Marriott Key Largo
You get a lot of waterfront dining options when you vacation down in the Florida Keys. go

Marathon's Best Tiki Bar
Can you give us a cool bar on the water, where the locals go? go

Always a Pleasure in the Keys
The conch fritters are excellent and when they have smoked mullet, be sure to order that. go

Pina Coladas at the Tiki Bar
Not all day, but for certain periods of the day you get live music here at the poolside tiki bar. go

Bar and Restaurant Award Winners Top 10
Here are a few of the special honors that have been bestowed to the Southernmost Beach Cafe. go

Our Picks for Key West's Best Bars
The turtle races are so good to see at Turtle Kraals Bar. go

Lots of Stuff to see at the Marina
It has a nice happy hour daily. go


Open Kitchens

Captain Slate's Scuba Marine
They have got the best of diving here and every day is different. go

Ask for the Lobster Bisque
We found the winning restaurant in Marathon Florida Keys. go

Seaport Boat Dock Parking
Right here is the historic and fantastic Turtle Kraals bar and restaurant. go

Ecology of the Florida Keys
It is amazing and worth your time, if you can just fit in from going out on the reef trips and the snorkeling! go

Hotels for Margaritas and Mudslides
We just totally loved the pool area, they call it the Blue Mojito Pool Bar and Grill. go

Buying the Fresh Caught Seafood
Lobster Rolls are very good and we like the non-frozen version available when lobster season is open for the fresh catch. go

Everything is really Clean
If you go weekly, you should try to plan at least a month ahead to have the most choices. go


All about good Eating

Open Kitchens

Life in the Florida Keys is about good eating. Today at work was a major snag fest. It was tyler's last day so deb made cookies, I made muffins, and vin's wife made brownies. A good Time was had by all, and there are plenty of snagged treats to eat! We are lucky to have the best bakery chefs in town.

Nick J.