Having the orlando hotel budget in check is a good thing

What a good time we had staying here at this wonderful Orlando hotel. go

Hotel Picks
Deluxe themed guestrooms are the best way to go if you can swing the budget. go

Really good for Vacationers
We spent mega time splashing in the afternoons and after dinner. go

Giant Swimming Pool
Of course the suites are really big and nice with plenty a room for four or more people. go

Free Boat Taxi Service
We loved the swimming pool play in the silver creek springs river pool at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort. go

Very good Swimming Pool
You also get this huge swimming pool area, guarded so only guests have access to the water. go

Swimming Pool
What a prime time swimming pool to enjoy on your Orlando vacation. go

Staying in Orlando
Put this on your quality-budget hotels list for your Disney Orlando getaway. go


Hotels and Resorts

Food Ideas at Epcot
For breakfast you cannot really come over here to Epcot as things for most of the area have not opened until maybe eleven o'clock for lunch may be some things that noon, I'm not sure about that. go

Winter Summerland Miniature Golf Course
Put this on your family to do list, a sure winner. go

Orlando Gas Stations
Today is the grand opening in Florida of the first-ever WAWA. go

Bus Trolley
This wonderful, cost-saving amenity takes the parking and driving hassles out of your vacation. go

Smart Tvs
It is a big investment and you do not want it to be feature outdated for at least three years, and hopefully longer. go

Stage Show
One of the very best things to do at Hollywood Studios. go

Car Race
I was kind of surprised that they decided to do away with this particular attraction. go

Music is the Key to Happiness

Let dj Boardwalk Inn Florida Travel Commander do his magic, do not cause troubles please. Dance and enjoy.

Napoleon N.

Lake Buena Vista Vacation Trip

I want to make Good Things to eat in a hurry during the trip to the Swan Hotel. How about I make a bunch of tuna cakes? They are very good, as my grandmother used to make them all the time. You mix a few big cans of tuna fish with fine diced green pepper, red onions, celery, red pepper, and Mexican spices, then use a couple of eggs to put it all together. Flour is used to add a bit of color to the exterior and then each patty is cooked on the stove with canola to keep the calories low, but still golden brown. Lion King kitty will want some when we get the cat out of the Pet Vet during our Lake Buena Vista vacation trip. Saving money helps buy skipping some meals at the restaurants.

Paula S.