Having lots of dipping sauces is the key to eating seafood

Good Prices on Fresh Fish in Marathon
Give them a high grade for good food. go

Tiki Chic Waterfront Boater Bar
The french fries are excellent here, with a little sea salt. go

Top List of Restaurants
The menu has lots of bbq, smoked food, a variety of fresh seafood, salads and a relaxed laid-back atmosphere. go

Fried Conch is the Menu Featured Item
Nicely Priced with Winning Flavors it is. go

Seven Mile Bridge Restaurant
Think big because the portions are nicely sized and so are the cocktails. go

Fresh Fit Breakfast Menu
Load up the sandwich with all the goodies, then ask for a few extra and see if they can close the sandwich to wrap it. go

Fresh Shrimp for Sale
Customers know the seafood is fresh since the chef spent his entire life on the water. go

Yummy Start to Your Morning
You can call ahead and get your food order place so that way you can just pick it up and go on your way to Key West. go


Super Tasty

It is in our opinion, a must see for anyone interested in the shoreline. go

Place to go Fishing
I would recommend you bring your camera and snap a whole lotta photographs on your way out, or perhaps you can take a video or two from on board the boat. go

Nice locations for outdoor play in Marathon
A very natural Florida Keys beach area, typically quiet, with plenty of marine life because of the adjacent wetland area. go

Boat Dock Hotel
Being out of boater friendly hotel means you can adjust your schedule so easily and only go out in the boat when the weather is prime time, which is typically a lot. go

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Locations
A darn decent state park bathroom is right next to the parking lot with outdoor showers. go

Value Priced
Do not compare those types of properties or any waterfront property with something that is on the Overseas Highway. go

Different ways to go Island Sightseeing
This is a thrilling adventure that you can start and end right at the Island Fish Tiki Bar and Restaurant. go


Marathon Restaurants

Super Tasty

When you're not at the reefs or at the restaurants, how about sightseeing above it in the Florida Keys Heli! It was something I just had to try after seeing it fly past all day long while we were cruising around in the boat. What A Pleasure to tour the islands by sky, just the neatest way to take a Scenic tour. I would like to vote on the best restaurant of the island which is Porky's Bayside. It is one of my very favorite places to stop in the Florida Keys. This is a restaurant, bar, and Live Music combo spot. Just a hoot of A good Time. With families I think the best thing to do would be to go and check out the Turtle Showcase. It was entirely fascinating to see so many sea critters close up and in person. No scuba tank is needed for a real adventure trip in the Florida Keys. If you have a boat make sure you take a trip out to Sombrero Reef Lighthouse. It seems like you are so far out away from the land, but you can still see it a little. We got a nice day with winds from the west.

Alejandro Y.