Go slow and look down in the clear water for critters

Rent a Single or Tandem Kayak
Look for nature on the kayak underwater and on top, plus the birds. go

Top Fun for all on the Atlantic Ocean
It is nice, and good luck with the big sharks! go

Four Hour Fishing Voyage in Marathon
The heart of fishing season in the Florida Keys may be the best season to explore the big parks in our zone. go

Place to go Fishing
I would recommend you bring your camera and snap a whole lotta photographs on your way out, or perhaps you can take a video or two from on board the boat. go

Marathon Watersports Rental Shop
It is a nice place to kayak with all the mangroves. go

Newbie wants to learn to Scuba
They have everything and will help you with trip planning and gear if you need some. go

Curry Hammock Kayak Review
Some routes take paddlers through dense overhanging mangrove tunnels, which is what most people like best. go


Water Sports Ideas

Fresh Fit Breakfast Menu
Picking up some sandwiches to go for the boat or your picnic could not be any easier. go

Fish and Dip in Mango Sauce
You can bring your fish catch in and get it all spiced up right. go

Huge Heated Freshwater Pool
Budget hotel planning put us back here at eh Banana Bay. go

Staying in Marathon
Visualize a scrumptious bed and breakfast Key West style, set against a spectacular, tropical backdrop. go

Cheap Florida Keys Store
You definitely do not want to miss curry hammock State Park, and the kayaking opportunity. go

Fishing Vacations near the 7-Mile Bridge
Having the overseas bicycle trail just in front of the hotel is a big plus. go

Best of the Fishing Vacation Hotels
Perhaps a Thursday is just rainy and miserable, will that typically means Friday Saturday and Sunday are gonna be gorgeous. go


Boating around Marathon

Water Sports Ideas

It was A Pleasure to go out on the water and take advantage of the boating opportunities. We would recommend fish and fun Marathon for the full selection of Watercraft Rentals makes for a great day on the water. Try powerboats, Kayaks, deck boats, wave-runners, and you are set. This will make your vacation experience. For the folks that are looking for fishing go with the Sea Dog. This was the Panacea for all that ails from a bit too much beer the night before. Going fishing out around the reefs in Marathon was a true island style adventure. You cannot miss it, it is on the right side about a half mile or less before the Seven Mile Bridge. We came in town this year and luckily for us it was the Dragon Boat Races. You want to make it to this event, it is perfect for the entire family. Everyone does the best they can as the boats really fly with all the people power. If you look at for scuba diving, the place is the Abyss Dive Center. Plan a few days ahead if you can, that way you get to pick the best weather. The folks at the shop will tell you everything to make it easy on you.

Clara K.