Get a hotel with theme park shuttles

Booking Rooms at Beach Club
It fits the bill for an affordable place, not cheap, we like the whole experience. go

Review of Saratoga Springs Resort
This is a orlando hotel winner. go

Splash Time
The property view was fantastic, as was the heated 82 degree swimming pool water temperature. go

Disney Birthday Gift
Nice pathways to explore. go

Very Happy with the Water Taxi Hotel
The property is hugely spacious for walking, biking, or any type of fitness activities. go

Swan Resort Restaurant
This is one of my favorite places to eat in the Epcot resort area. go

Vacation to the Discount Disney World Hotel
QUESTION: Where is the best hotel to stay for an Orlando Vacation? go

Swimming Pool
A top-10 Orlando Hotel, this is a place where you do want to stay. go


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Fishing at Disney
Everything is about the water at Disney, it is at the resorts, parks, and the pools have a nice view. go

Very Best Rides
Most everyone will really enjoy Big Thunder, as it is not too scarey, but fast enough to make all riders smile. go

Kaleidoscope of Disney Fun
The kaleidoscope of Disney fun options is limitless. go

Sword Fights
Star Tours is tough for the motion sickness people and due to the jolting action in this thrill ride, it is not for pregnant women and for people that have current injuries, like issues with back or neck problems. go

Girls want a Cinderella Haircut
This haircut saloon is fantastic for girls, the best of Orlando. go

Two Nights
Be active and playful after your Disney theme park day. go

Things we Liked
We'll be there at Hollywood Studios today, and will be part of the daily celebrations. go

Lowering the Orlando Hotel Bed Tax

The Orlando politics about the hotel bed tax is out of control. I am not sure, but a lot of people do not like negative ads. The best part is you do not have to watch those darn ads any more! Thank goodness the bed tax vote is over for Orange County Florida.

Trudy N.

Memory Making Florida Locations

It has been a pleasure to go to Orlando and enjoy all the festive places for fine. We have been using our voice to text devices to record different things we see during the day. I would recommend everybody get involved with this if you want to record your conversations and fun things you do with your kids at the theme parks. Most important is to Make sure you're familiar with the operating instructions of your recorder before proceeding to record. Select a digital recorder that meets your needs, supported audio file formats include wav, mp3, wma, dss, ds2. You want to store your information for long periods of time so pick something that is easy for you to use in your computer. There are some useful tips to make the most out of this feature. You can check the hardware compatibility list for different mics. Best practices for transcribing with dragon at the Theme Parks is key to success. Dragon transcription is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to capture Disney World notes, memos or creative thoughts away from the tablet or computer. You may also want to review your devices optimal quality settings for speech recognition. Learn how to start, pause and stop the recorder so it can happen quickly like on Expedition Everest.

Dora N.