France is the top pick for food

Movie Making
It is very nice that the park keeps expanding and adding new opportunities for laughter and mystery. go

Golf Swing
Every time we come on our trips to Orlando there's always something to surprise us. go

Tom Sawyer Island
Here they turn you loose to walk, look, and enjoy your very own island adventure. go

Seeing the Disney Movie Stars
Pal mickey is an interactive toy, it talks, jokes, and entertains you. go

Sword Fights
I love this simulator ride. go

More Secret Spots at Disney Orlando
Nice spot and we have to vote highly for the Disney Nightlife held here each evening. go

Touring around the Disney Liberty Square
It is cool here, part of the day at the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. go

Using the Fastpass Tickets
It does mean that it takes multiple days to do all of the very best of the rides. go


Riders and Spectators

Centrally located Hotels
Easy choices for great times in Orlando Florida, we like places that are quick to get to Seaworld, Disney, and I-Drive. go

Disney World Hotel Deals
This is the best Orlando hotel with kids near Disney World. go

Orlando Hotels for Families
They have a Winn-Dixie not too far away at all. go

Four Nights
What a place, so fun. go

Complimentary Leis and Grass Skirts
Do not miss auntie kaui the hula dancer and instructor of the group dance. go

Swimming Pool
Back at the hotel you will be so happy because they have everything you need right here and you don't have to drive much. go

Swimming Pool
The hotel sits on a huge lake and inter mixed into the golf club. go


End of the Day Festivities

Riders and Spectators

The nightly theme park parade is way cool. There is something special about the lights and Music at night on mainstreet. The Animal Kingdom is a big winner too, we love the animals. You should also consider the green meadows farm, this place is Awesome.

Bruno P.