Hotels Recommended near Fort Lauderdale Beach

Condo Rental
Turkey for Florida Travel Commander. go

Beach Vacation Hotel
Did you know that for whatever reason if you're sick, they have a no cause cancellation policy. go

Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach
You will enjoy the stay here in Fort Lauderdale Beach, it is oh so boater friendly. go

Beach Vacation Hotel
It is really nice having an ocean view and I would think that about the third or fourth floor is plenty high enough. go

Centrally located Hotels
Definitely I would recommend bringing your bicycles to this particular city venue, as you can do everything on your bicycles and leave the car in the parking lot. go

Picking Out a Beach Hotel
We love the V. go

Staying cheap in Miami or Ft Lauderdale
I like it here and the Lago Mar. go

Wine and Food by the Pool
It beats the South Seas on Sanibel-Captiva Island because of the bars on the strip. go


Vacation Hotel Picking

Oriental Food
There's something about the really good curry that adds the kick of extra heat with plenty of additional cayenne pepper and white pepper. go

Morning Beach Walk
We like to wake up early and do along beach walk along the shoreline before the crowds really get too heavy. go

City Center
A lot of different people come down here for different reasons, but for me it's fitness. go

Broward County Flea Market
The address is 3291 west sunrise boulevard, called the Swap Shop. go

Beach Bars
It is true, best Fort Lauderdale beach bar winner voted by guests for the last three years in a row! go

Fat Tire Bike or Water Taxi
We stayed right along the ocean here at the Lago Mar Resort and Club. go

Mexican Restaurant
On the menu here is the best of tequilas, margaritas, tacos and Mexican hot sauce. go