Fun Ideas in Fort Lauderdale

Main Beach
My favorite place to go to the beach is somewhere where they have the music blasting out at a decent volume so you can here at clearly when you're walking around or chilling in the sand. go

Doing the downtown Seafood by Boat
We have so much fun touring on the waterfront and the beach shorelines. go

Fort Lauderdale Basketball Courts
Some of the guys can dunk with authority, so bring you best game to stay on the court. go


Fun and Enjoyment

Seafood Soup
The seafood soup is one of those things you probably just have to get and they loaded up with good stuff including scallops, shrimp, and calamari. go

Taking the Boat Taxi
I do not know about his web site, but he might be a good source for finding the travel destination deals. go

Sports Bar
Get some beer to go with some of the lip-smacking baby back ribs. go

Beach Bars
It seems to get me sometimes when losing things, and it was my equal fault since I just wanted you to hold it. go

Fort Lauderdale Vacation Rental
It is a little more difficult for some people to rent directly from an owner type situation, rather than the Marriott Hotel for example. go

Public Beach
If you can pick a nice sunny day, this has to be the most gorgeous beach just to look out and see all of the action. go

Morning Beach Walk
That's part of the reason why this is a good area for families, for people that are going to be back at their hotel tucked into bed or at least in a controlled area by ten pm. go


Lots to Do

Fun and Enjoyment

No, I was thinking of another place instead of in Melbourne. The place I found is a suite hotel and it is located between Primanti Brothers and Lauderdale-By-The-Sea area, so we will have plenty of activities to enjoy in the area.

The hotel is on the inter-coastal and the Water Taxi stops there to pick people up. I have another 4-day weekend coming up at the end of August around August twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, and September one labor day. Hopefully, we can go to the new place at Yacht Club during this big holiday weekend. I have off five days for thanksgiving so we can go to Fort Lauderdale. I will send you the hotel info to look at. It has been a while since we have gone anywhere so it will be fun to go to Fort Lauderdale and eat at Primanti Brothers.

Gale R.