City of Orlando Area Restaurant Reviews

Layered Beer
It does remind me of the German Showcase over at Epcot where they have the beer stein pub, I believe it's called. go

Best Pizza
The one good thing about restaurants on International Drive is most likely you will find a coupon in the little magazines that they give away free. go

I like the fact that you can go to the Burger King website and get all the nutritional information on every single sandwich, ice cream, french fries and anything else you decide to get. go

Eating at Disney
You get whatever type of food you want, but I would recommend the hamburgers, because they have a condiment bar, so you can load your hamburger up exactly the way you want it. go

Little Italy Wine Bar
We had a good time eating at this wonderful restaurant. go

Citywalk Restaurants
It's just a pleasure to go to a place that has the creative menu that's well priced. go

Margaritas on the Brain
I love the Mexican restaurant here and would recommend it big time. go

Poolside Bar
The point I'm trying to make is the food is completely authentic and when you have your jalapenos on top of the nachos you can tell they are fresh and not the pickled kind that you would at Publix in a jar. go


Pick a Chef

Where to find the perfect Disney World Gift
The food court is really good here as it is serviced by the same company as does the Disney Hotel on property food courts. go

Orlando Swimming Pool Hotels
As you can see, there is a lot of activity here. go

Techniques dealing with Plaster Pools
ANSWER: This Clean Pool Service is a good one. go

Harambe Theater
Such an impressive display of musical talent and high flying artistry, the Lion King has delivered a high quality show. go

Avoid Longer Lines
The vast majority of visitors to the Theme Parks does really no planning on when they should have gone to avoid longer lines. go

Where your kids can even Sweat
The Frontierland Park area has a lot of nice things to do, all family style. go

Star-Studded Disney Restaurant Menu
The Hollywood Brown Derby opens each day starting with lunch at 11:30am. go

Impressed with the Food Selection

We came away completely impressed with the food selection on the Disney menu. They really know how to use good smart snack guidelines which reduces excess calories and the added sugars that children or adults really don't need. I was always hungry it seems like after all the walking we were doing each and every day during the Orlando roller coaster vacation. It is nice that we can choose healthy foods in the Food Courts, which will lead to a better lifestyle for everybody. I noticed that most of the meals are made from whole grains, ensuring that a person is getting plenty of iron, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin-b. I think the kids that are here probably get the most benefit out of it because they know they are getting things with lots of protein. The Food Court menu includes fresh salads vegetables and I love the wraps which are stuffed with some sort of protein-based product and then you add your vegetables of choice. You get to choose from low-fat or fat-free options a big nice plus. Walt would be proud!

Kerry J.

Special is the Food Menu

There's a really good bar over there at Disney Springs that will have you smiling. It's called Raglan Road, an Irish Bar that is all about every kind of tap beer you could think of. If I was a partier type that likes to drink beer, which is about fifty percent of the people that vacation down here to Orlando. Go to this bar for some fun. They have festivals all the time and different kind of events, plus it's a kid friendly place where the parents can drink and the kids are welcome. Everybody likes a place with Live Music and authentic irish food, beers and all of the fancy Cocktails like the strawberry Margaritas. Music is a big thing though, as the bands are known for firing up the crowd quite a bit and really gets the crowd involved. Enjoy the best music with all kinds of horn instruments, flutes, and plenty of guitars. Extra special is the food menu with big portions!

Antwan M.

Orlando Chicken Wings

Get that kitty out of the luggage, and put in you warm things! We are going deep in the winter season to Mickey Mouse land. pack Lots of warm things so we have no excuses for day time and night time bike rides. The hotel in Altamonte Springs is perfect for sidewalk Bicycle Riding to the bars at night. December means dressing like New Jersey for Florida folks. Kick that kitty out of there and pack those bags. Wing house of Orlando is waiting for us to lock the bikes out front! I want naked wings, just so healthy.

Growing bottomless means you don't have all the skin which is a bunch of fat, and zero calories as compared to the normal stuff. I see on Wednesday they have a special with the bottomless wing Wednesday at the wing house for ten bucks. On the page i am looking at the motto is be sure you go bottomless every Wednesday at the winghouse! The weekly specials are something that you want to pay attention to, because why not get some deals. On Tuesday they have two dollar domestic pints which is a good deal for a big coors light beer with a lime in it and have two dollar appetizers all day long.

The Happy Hours at the bar run from four pm to eight pm but I'm not sure what that means far as beer discounts and all that kind of stuff. I love this town there's just so much going on in the food is spectacular. You don't have to go to Epcot Mexico Showcase to get authentic foods, although I do love the Margaritas that they sell there to carry while you walk around.

Right now I'm thinking about wings on vacation and just wanted to point out what a great places is! If Universal Studios is your focus then the best wings are at the Sports Bar at city walk" class="comment-more4">Orlando Sports Bar at City Walk and they are prime time. We love good choices for the very best Orlando area chicken wings, and really hot!

Jonathon N.

Eating Yummy

Ok, Florida Travel Commander, we can look at colors of the meats at cafe. Thank you for the birthday month car wash. You might want to take some ibuprofen for your back. You can get it at Walmart or Walgreens. I have something that will help too. I will bring it down when we do it full speed in Orlando and the Magic Kingdom. Wawa Orlando is taking over the world and they started the Cape Coral hoagie fest! Yeah to good fun and food!

Graham I.