A guide to the Disney Rides and Shows

Outrageous Acts
It is the very entertaining seeing what these two guys can do. go

The Crowds
Disney did a great job with the build up of the tower of terror. go

Vacation to see the Mouse
We thought the Tiki Room is the best place to cool off on a hot summer day in Orlando. go

Be a Movie Star
You know it's a thrilling thing to be on stage with the cast members playing along with some kind of skit. go

Vacation Planning Advice
Everyone has to see the Chair Act at Epcot France. go

Flying on Aladdin's Magic Carpet
This ticket upgrade option lets you pop in and out as events, fireworks, and celebrations occur. go

Ride the Horse for a Dime
Disney did it right with the fun focus and a back drop of movie production. go

Music is Part of the Day
Lots to do and you just walk to the Animal Theme Park, it is right next to the resort. go


Theme Park Ticket

Because it's an Orlando bathing suit resort, which is what happens because the girls are always in the bikini and the guys are always in their bathing suit splashing in the pool. go

Fancy hits a Higher Level
You will get it as you pull up and they open up the car door. go

Large Families at Disney World
Do know deluxe rooms sleep up to six and give families concierge club perks. go

My kind of Swimming Resort
It was such a pleasure to stay and play at the Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic, one of the best events for Adults at Disney Orlando. go

Swimming Pools are Sweet for Play
These are the best will blow you away with splashable play! go

Intermission Food Court
Ask guest services for help with any needs. go

Walt Disney Television Shows
The lake-side Contemporary Resort has a white-sandy beach, lots of water sports, beach volleyball, tennis, and ferryboat rides. go

Impressive are the Water Sports

Learn to surf in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon. Walt Disney World is home to many outdoor activities. If you're scuba-certified, schedule Epcot divequest. One of the best to do is to explore the giant saltwater tank at the seas with Nemo and friends pavilion. The wave pools are so fun, plus the nearby food and drink.

Herminia H.

Disney Rides

I met your grandmother at All-Star Movies resort weekend. Do you remember that. I always loved that you took some silly girl you were sleeping with to run errands for her. She was a super nice and funny from memory. My grandmother almost made it to ninety four too, a few days short of our annual trip to the Magic Kingdom Park. We had to put her into hospice for the thirty seven days she was alive. It was pretty awful, but there wasn't much choice as she got highly combative and we could handle her for short times, but after an hour or so she was ready to fight and hurt either herself or one of us. Mickey Mouse helps all people, and it was nice as break for us. Terrible time, nanny was in hospice, my marriage was falling apart and one of my oldest friends was in an awful accident and almost died. Life and Orlando vacation trips makes us stronger, right? We are off to the Espn Club restaurant for hockey night in america.

Timmy H.