Do you deserve a weeklong vacation to Florida?

Top pick for the Special Trips
At the schoolyard sprayground little ones can splash safely along with nemo and friends. go

Old Port Royale
Old Port Royale is the center town of this little community. go

Great City with Tons of Action
No one will know that you are no longer inside the theme park, as the entire hotel is themed to perfection. go

Playground Area
It is the kind of place that the kids will like the most. go

Florida has Primetime Campsites
Even with just a tent, your worries disappear. go

Boat Dock
This is a resort pick for couples that want to keep moving forward on their relationship. go

Buildings are Spaced out Nicely
If you're new to go into the Disney Parks, they are not in Orlando and actually over to the west towards Tampa in the town of Lake Buena Vista. go

The Disney World Wedding Chapel
We love this resort hotel, since we got married there. go


Kid Focused Resorts

Fun where Imagination Reigns
Nemo is the best show for kids or adults. go

Tom Sawyer Island
They play it on the classic Disney channel all the time, maybe once a month or so. go

Disney Haircuts for Girls
Number one on the list of best Disney gifts for girls. go

Stage Show
See all of the good parts of the enchanted castle of the beast. go

Big Disney River Bridge
It makes it really quick to get around and you end up having a lot more fun. go

Boat Ride
They are a nice touch and show off how massive is the entire Disney Property. go

Best Hotel Location for Epcot
The lap pool is separate and ready for you to get your daily swimming mileage. go

Budget Restaurants to Save Cash

Come see us at Shoney's Restaurant, all very Family Friendly and easy on the wallet. Locations are close to Universal Studios, Sea World, and the cool fun at Disney. The menu is filled with recipes that everyone will enjoy. Here are a few popular items available all day long. One - Spaghetti (Served with hearty tomato and meat sauce spaghetti with melted Italian cheeses) two - Shrimper's Feast (Fan-tailed, butterflied fried shrimp served with cocktail sauce, french fries,) three - Pancake Platter (Stack of pancakes with bacon or sausage, hot syrup) four - Italian Feast (Fried chicken tenderloins topped with a blend of italian cheeses, hearty tomato and meat sauce, on a bed of pasta) five - Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry (Served over seasoned rice with an egg roll and sweet and sour sauce). Children Smile bright at Shoney's Orlando Restaurant.

Margaret N.

Even the Bathrooms are Gorgeous

We just got back from The Resort and Disney inspired me. Everything was so clean and nice. I finally fixed the master bedroom bathroom up at my house after seeing how they build the resort bathrooms. It now looks super and equal to being at the All-Star Sports Resort. The upgrade includes the ability to do multiple flushes, all inspired by the very clean Disney bathrooms! Thanks mickey. Now, back to the beach Trip Planning.

Chung N.