Inspiration for the Weekend Traveler in the Florida Keys

Head Down for Sunset Pleasures
Yeah Florida Keys! go

Great Spots for Family Entertainment
We are scuba divers and this was our number 1 Florida Keys attraction. go

Quickest Route to the Florida Keys
The islands are stunning in the vivid sunlight. go

Picking out a Winner for Waterfront Dining
The atmosphere is relaxing during the day and funky for the nightlife party. go

Near Shore or Bridge Fishing
They have an excellent boat ramp system with plenty of parking plus all the other kinds of water sports. go

Dazzling Middle Keys Destinations to Savor
You can pick the order and this is just what is on my mind today. go

Marathon Hotels for swimming and snorkels
The main beaches of the area are just to the south in the City of Marathon. go

Key Largo Dive Center Adventures
We make sure to pick a hotel that has a really good sized swimming pool and a private beach area. go


Perpetual Adventurer

We love to Shop
The island showcases artistry throughout historic Old Town. go

No Name Key Pub
This area also has a campground winner and one of the best places to stay in all of Florida. go

Big Lunch Value
Enjoy a piece of Cuba while on vacation here in Key West and experience a unique atmosphere at one of finest casual style restaurants available. go

Out for Drinks
Bicycle locking is here for a pit stop. go

Great Vacation next to Lazy Days Bar
The location was sweet, at the lower end of the Island, right next to a fantastic waterfront restaurant-bar called Lazy Days. go

Oceanfront Hammock Swing
I would not worry too much which unit you book at pines and palms, the dock is a twenty second walk from the farthest unit. go

Historic City Center Locations
Just to the right of the landmark is the docking area for the Key West Express boat ride. go


Big Florida Keys Plant Sale Weekend

Perpetual Adventurer

Do not forget about the big Florida Keys plant sale this weekend. My native plant garden and roof work is guaranteed, and it will get fixed. You might need to get away for a couple of days and head south to my house. If you are too busy or do not want to drive down, no problem. I think you should come down, the weather looks perfect. Take a break from normal life and get cheap native plants! If you cannot make it, I will get you some plants or come to the big sale, we need to be there at 8:30am with cash!

Kirk W.