Highlights of some of the better places to stay in the Florida Keys

Every Day was Perfect for Bicycle Sightseeing
We explored more places, did more sightseeing, and had more time to relax. go

We Left with a Big Smile
I think it's nice to be in the heart of the action, but of course water views adds spice to the vacation and that is what I would pick if you can afford it. go

B&B Hotels Raising the Bar
The pool area becomes the guest's private tropical oasis, just so pretty and lush with island style nature. go

Staying on Duval Street Downtown
I really like the lobby of that hotel too. go

Pick a hotel with Splashable Activities
For lunch go with the Grilled Shrimp Basket every time. go

Very Romantic with Playful Appeal
Just the sweetest setting for our anniversary, we are so happy with the selection of the Curry Inn. go

Campground on Stock Island
Who would not want to go southernmost camping in style. go

A Really Clean Place is a Big Deal
If you're looking for the best deal on a room, once you find it go ahead and book it. go


Hotels Featured

Cool stuff with Audience Participation
The food is great and everything is made when the ticket goes into the kitchen, so you get a hot fresh blackened fish sandwich if that's what you order. go

Historic Seaport Harbor Walk Entrance
So many ships, divers, and ship wreckers have made this harbor home. go

Checking Out the Old Audubon Attraction
We like to start outside and spent about 30 minutes checking how to tropical gardens, everything is so pretty outside. go

Great Times Finder in Key West Florida
What is the best snorkeling trip? go

Bus Transportation Connections
It is a great idea for any folks that make the trip into town via plane, boat, or friend to get around without dealing with the car. go

Out for Drinks
It is cocktail central. go

Nice and Friendly Service Staff
Those 4 hour party boats docked down there always have a good sized crowd. go

January is the time for a Vacation

January is so good for a Florida Keys Vacation. Nice and warm during the day, and a bit chilly with the wind at night. Catman Kitty just went outside. He stayed out for five minutes. He doesn't like the cold and wind. It is cold here after midnight, being oceanside at the Sheraton Condo Resort.

Flora R.

A Pleasure

This is a Super Hotel, and it is a pleasure to fix up the kitchen units. I want to tighten up the pull down spout in the kitchen next visit. This trip I hand tightened it. That is one of your leak problems, the pull down spout. Next visit I am going to tighten it with tools. Perhaps the chalking today will solve part of your wet issues under the kitchen sink. I am on this and will solve it, if it is not fixed by the chalking. Please watch it closely and I will do more if needed. Things are better and a few tweaks and it can be perfect!

Sheryl N.