Outstanding Beach Vacations in Florida

Melbourne Beach Hotels
At that temperature you're not as focused on the swimming so that's perfect for Shopping and heading down to east new haven avenue to see the historic district. go

Staying in Melbourne Florida
You know, five minutes in the car and we explore the zone of choice using the bikes or walking the shoreline. go

Staying Oceanside in Cocoa Beach
The waves are the star of the show and seem to go on endlessly. go

Top Ideas for Fun at Cocoa Beach
Pick up a $10 body board to get the maximum enjoyment on the waves! go

Beach Hotel
A skinny old style ten speed will not do on the beach as the sand is kind of thick and even your fat tire bike will stick in to the sand a little bit. go

Beach Resort
It's really nice to walk in about six inches of water. go

Very Good Rating
You'd be surprised how cool these games are that they came up with and what kids don't like hula hoops around the swimming pool. go

Enjoying the Waves
Orlando is the only major city near the city center, so this area does not get the demand as does Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jaxs, or St Pete Beach. go


Booking a Room

Waterfront Dining
One of the good places for waterfront dining in Melbourne is a fabulous gem. go

Splashable sports are the most fun
The surfing lessons that they offer here at Ron Jon's is really good and entertaining. go

Life Guards
We plan our trips around the weather and if the weather is nice, it is time to pack the bags for the beach. go

Beach Chair Usage
Never rush, just take in the ocean beauty and the wave sounds. go

Thank goodness we stayed at the Residence Inn which is on south babcock street, so we could walk over to the Publix whenever we needed something like beer or wine, plus chips and snacks. go

Rooftop Restaurant
We like to get deli sandwiches that are cold because we can take them with us and go eat them wherever we want using our bicycles and finding a picnic spot. go

Melbourne Florida
If you're looking for a hotel nearby there is an excellent Marriott Residence Inn on south babcock street, which is about one mile away. go

Loads of Island Thing

It sure is nice that we have so many places to choose from and we get hungry. Because the town is kind of small overall and size there is no reason why you can go out to any restaurant here locally on your beach bike. Nothing's wrong with flip-flops a nice pair shorts and a really nice shirt. The beach life is a good way to live and you won't go hungry on this island. I really like the Pig and Whistle - english - 801 n atlantic ave - 321-799-0724. This is a nice place here, marlin's good times bar and grill - sandwiches - 401 meade ave - 321-783-7549. For quick food, go to the Dairy Queen - ice cream - 3690 n atlantic ave - 321-784-8787. Something different is waiting for you at athen gyros - greek - 269 w Cocoa Beach cswy - 321-784-4874. Great for pick up is the Pizza hut - pizza - 179 e Cocoa Beach cswy - 321-783-2780.

Guadalupe L.

On Vacation

The best thing about coming to the beach on vacation is the fantastic Subway they have right there not too far from the Beach Pier. The location is very close to the Publix and they have great subs but it doesn't compared what you can get at Subway. I like to get the grilled chicken strips and do not always get the foot-long like some people do. Thank goodness you can check the Subway.com menu for all the nutritional information before you make a decision.

We came away extremely impressed and really like the entire area from Vero Beach all away up to Titusville on the mainland. There's a lot of different historical little towns to check out for instance Melbourne Florida is excellent and is just over the bridge from the beach. There is nothing wrong with picking out one of these marriott.com hotels that are on the mainland side because you can ride your bicycles to the ocean any time. That's one of the best benefits of going on a vacation to these smaller size cities is you are close to the action even if you're three miles away.

Three miles on a Beach Bike on sidewalks with a smile on your face and lots to look at goes pretty darn quickly. We are considering staying at the Springhill Suites had Vero Beach which are on the mainland side. It is located on indian river road and is prime time with big trees and a kitchen and each unit.

Stephen Q.

Vacation Decisons

I am not sure if it is better to stay at doubletreemelbournebeach.com or All-Star Sports Resort. Maybe two nights at each place is best. Ok, Florida Travel Commander that sounds good. We are going with a condo-home to hotel rental swap. It is all about getting the condo rental ready as the toilet is still not working. I will have to get the other piece, as I looked at them at Home Depot but I wasn't sure which one to get. Maybe we can get this when you come up. I already got the white paint for the front, and it is in the garage. The refrigerator is still making noise as it needs some oil, but I have some wd-40 here in the garage. That is all that stands in the way of a great vacation experience.

Francine N.