Watersports make the Florida Beaches so Active

Find a Deal
We sure had fun here around the Melbourne area because it's a need place to be outside so when you're walking around it's not challenging, rather fun. go

Art Shops
I know a lot of people like that old smell and it does add character to your walking through the art gallery zone. go

Art District
Pineapple park is not far away at all plus the civic center, and a bunch of good art museums. go

Shopping Goodies
It's a little more tame but just as much fun as you got a lot here to see within walking distance. go

Candy Store
Don't plan on figuring out what you're gonna buy right away because they have a whole assortment of different things that are wonderful like the peanut butter cups! go

Brevard County Flea Market
Bean sprouts are great thing to get here because there fresh and you can taste it when you put it on salads and I put it in egg rolls, just like they do down the street. go

Fishing Tackle
We've been coming here for years because we own a Cocoa Beach http://olagrande.com/main/ condominium. go

Beach Fishing
You can good a Home Depot and go back to the plumbing section. go


Retailing Ideas

Riverfront Restaurant
I like a place that is fun where you can enjoy a wonderful meal and have something good to look at. go

We specifically picked this particular hotel because they have a full size refrigerator and kitchen, everything you need to have a good time vacation for food and drinks in your hotel room when you need them. go

Irish Restaurant
All of the food is slightly different than you would get at your local seafood beer bar, because they know how to change it up a little bit make things better. go

Ramp Road Park Kayak Trails
It is the park for super views, picnic facilities, a little fishing dock, and even a lighted tennis court. go

Loads of fun off Ocean Beach Boulevard
Just the coolest townt to have fun on a beach trip. go

Beach Sand
The Holiday Inn Daytona Beach has a good rate but I don't think they have the free breakfast. go

Waterfront Dining
Doing a research it appeared that Squid Lips restaurant was one of the higher rated places in all of Melbourne Beach area. go

Great Vacation Destination

This town is fantastic, a great vacation destination with lots to do. I wanted to send in a review because we were so happy with everything. It was a great time for us and our three children to have the best of swimming time. Please let me cast my vote for some of the best restaurants in town. Most every day we ate out for breakfast lunch and dinner and got to try a little bit of everything. Some of the best places to eat don't necessarily need to be a fancy restaurant. I like the place where you can get sweets and cold drinks like oasis shaved ice, good for drinks - seventeen n Orlando ave - 321-591-6822. Good for cocktails is the sunset cafe - seafood - five hundred w Cocoa Beach cswy - 321-783-8485. You can get Italian goodies at anacapri Pizza - italian - 605 n atlantic ave - 321-868-2266. A sure winner for everyone is jonathan's pub - sandwiches - 140 n brevard ave - 321-783-9368. When it is time for a good dinner, go to gregory's steak and seafood grill - steak house - nine hundred n atlantic ave - 321-799-2557.

Stanton V.

List to Do

Yeah to the group talk about jobs for locals at the islandsfishgrill.com cafe. I tried to give you hope, all a rational hope for the best of hotel jobs for the cash. Everything has so much uncertainties that being edgy is just normal before new employment opportunities. Life is fun here, and we all need good jobs plus cheap Cocoa Beach Beer bars for your list to do.

It is a mess to have a pet On Vacation or to leave them at home. You did great getting ready even cleaning vacation kitty poop up after the beach trip! Take a break until you hear the news or keep progressing once you catch your second wind. Getting the first Cocoa Beach are job interview over for a while, is huge. You see, it is no big deal, just show up and have fun with it. Yeah to you and your working through the Brevard County job improvement process!

Clayton E.