Vaction Packages in the Florida Keys for finding the Action

Big Smiles on the Reef Trips
What a dynamite time, that kind of thing you won't ever forget. go

Another great day down in Paradise
Some of the most important events in Key West are not published in the paper or broadcast on the web. go

Quickest Route to the Florida Keys
The inside is nice and that is where you will be once you go away from the land. go

Take your kids to the Cockatoo Bird Exhibit
Do the outdoor things, early and late in the day. go

It Makes it Better for Exploring
At least that's the way it is for most people, and with baskets on your bicycles you can easily carry groceries, wine, and beer back to the hotel. go

Marathon Hotels for swimming and snorkels
You know, we want to swim and enjoy the great water clarity. go

Glassbottom Princess Boat Ride
The glassbottom boat ride is one of the things you have to do once, at least. go

Go with the Florida Freeze Cocktail
You can listen to live music here in the evenings, as the band sets up right on the dock. go


Go here for Fun

Go with the Catch of the Day
Beers on the menu: Red Stripe, Corona Light, Corona, Heineken Light, Coors Light, Kalik, Michelob Ultra, Rolling Rock, Michelob Light, Key West Ale, Miller Lite, Murphy's Irish Stout, Heineken, Bud Light, Bud, Sam Adams Seasonal, and classic Yuengling. go

You get lots to See
It is amazing and worth your time, if you can just fit in from going out on the reef trips and the snorkeling! go

Picking out a nice Island Hotel
That is part of what gives it the party vibe, the great entertainment. go

Go for a Big Trip Dive in Key Largo
Move about to see the coastline as you cruise in or out of the Key Largo Harbor. go

Quickie Stop Beer Store
You will like having a bunch of keys style places to buy supplies. go

One of the Cooler Local's Bars
Luckily we were here just in time for the zombie bike ride which was hilarious. go

Weekend Vacancy in Key West
It was Friday and we wanted to come down to Mile Marker Zero. go


Entertainment Values

Go here for Fun

Things went really smooth on our trip this year. We are really happy with coming down during the swimming season, because the water is warmer and you can hit the hotel pool and go in the ocean anytime you want without feeling cold. Very impressive is Swimming with Barracuda and they are everywhere. It will take you just one day out snorkeling to realize that Barracuda are here. This is their home and you are in the living room! Just amazing is the complete Underwater system developed and known as the Aquarius. What a lesson and overview of the system. It was fun to take such a fun scuba diving charter. What a dynamic area with all the ship wrecks, Pennekamp, and creative open water opportunities. Going on a scuba or snorkel trip really got us an upclose perspective of the real Florida Keys marinelife. It is so beautiful to see habitats and underwater wildlife in the area. This area gets so many repeat visitors because of the entertainment value that is all natural.

Jimmy T.