What makes a Florida Vacation so Special

Shoreline Fitness
The view that you're looking at is ever-changing even on a Monday morning at nine am there's action and activity. go

Touring the Thousand Islands on Kayaks
I really want to do some kayaking over there in Cocoa Beach. go

Fishing in the Ocean
The same thing goes for those people in Vero Beach http://www.covb.org/ as what a great town to cast your line on the shore. go

Learning to Surf at Cocoa Beach
We love the exercise and have no excuses now! go

A Great Escape
If you're smart and you book a full sized kitchenette then you can go Bicycle Riding, do a little Fishing, and then take your fish catch back and cook it in the kitchenette. go

Family Parks
We had beach chairs by our hotel but once you move around on the beach it is nice just to sit on the shoreline right in the beach sand. go

Family trips to the Kennedy Space Center
Rent surfboard for an hour or take a lesson. go

Cruise Ship Watching Bar
I must explain this wonderful location, it's named grills seafood bar. go


Mini Day Trip

What we liked on vacation here
As they build up, those at Minutemen Beach or Shepard Park are so happy! go

Beach Parking
You probably won't find a better place to enjoy the day at the beach and thank goodness this is free beach parking! go

Beach Chairs
This is about the center most part of the entire Cocoa Beach strip. go

Eating with a View
The area has lots of good places to eat. go

Learning to Surf in the Ocean is a breeze
The surfing lessons that they offer here at Ron Jon's is really good and entertaining. go

Find a Deal
Everything is close to the Eau Gallie Fishing Pier and you will find shops galore! go

Shopping Goodies
Here you will find a historic city center like no other. go

Florida Beach Vacation

The Atlantic Ocean Beach Shoreline is so good for the workout in the sand. I am trying so hard to get back in shape. Between this back and all the drugs I pumped my body full of in an attempt to have a baby, I was a mess. I have came a really long way, but still a ways to go. When I get happy with me, I have a boudoir photo shoot planned, date tba, haha. We take so many photos around Cocoa Beach, as the area is so pretty. Something I need to do for me. Vacation memories are important to keep. Not being able to have a baby messed with my head, I took it hard. I completely blamed myself and felt so un-womanly. I still do in ways, so I need the fuss of the shoot to feel pretty and feminine again. Can I get anymore screwed up thinking about this on a Florida Beach Vacation? Thanks for all the vacation inspiration via photos and videos, really, they look like so much fun!

Porter D.

Brevard County Vacation

I got a $10 gift card in the mail today for kohls when staying at the marriott.com hotel. They send these out a couple times a year. It is free money, free $10. You just have to spend it between September 10-20. I will come down next weekend and bring it. I do not want it because kohls clothes do not fit me right so I don't shop there. I like Bealls and macy's instead in Orlando. Hope your back is doing ok from the fall at Blizzard Beach Water Park. I hope you are ok doing Orlando fun. Please be careful. It is not worth it to get hurt. If you are not better and you want me to come down, please let me know and I will come down to eat at culvers.com cafe.

Ted F.