Florida Beach and Water Splash Spots

Marriott is good for Peace of Mind
The town is certainly one-of-a-kind and it was the highlight of our summer. go

Melbourne Beach Hotels
I know they try to do a good job here locally with the Melbourne Beach weather http://mynews13.com/news/brevard.html on TV, but do not expect perfection unless you are talking about things that are gonna happen in the next forty-eight hours and that's when last-minute hotel reservations in Florida really come through. go

Beach Vacation with all the Fun
Has space for recreational vehicles. go

Top Ideas for Fun at Cocoa Beach
Be sure to stop and get Frozen Cocktails at Mai Tiki Bar at the end of the pier. go

Ocean View Rooms
It's just the right size where you can get to everything quickly on a beach bicycle. go

Very Good Rating
They kind of treat all similar to a Disney hotel like All-Star Music Resort, where it's upbeat and pretty magical around. go

Beach Hotel
Don't worry about what beachfront city you are in when you're looking on the maps and doing your homework preparation. go

Melbourne Beach Vacation
I did book the Courtyard Melbourne West, which is just a few miles out. go


The Rooms are Great

Oceanfront Restaurant
What can we say but give this a super high recommendation! go

Gift Shop
Everybody wants to find something special especially when you're on vacation. go

Barbecue Restaurant
Go for the gulf fried shrimp which are seasoned shrimp are breaded and fried to a golden brown. go

Free Beach Parking
If the weather is nice, we should spend a huge amount of the day by the waves. go

One thing you need to be aware of is the historic nature of the building that this restaurant is located within. go

Beach Parking
You can go online to the Melbourne Beach Florida website and download the facilities rental application which has everything detail you need about taking advantage of the community facilities. go

Homemade Crab Cakes
It's good to move around and sit upstairs for a little while and then go downstairs and try that. go

Madeira Beach Beach Bar

Good news. We are going to come up to visit on the weekend of the John's Pass Seafood Festival. It is all day on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Please come early on Friday so we can get stuff done and go to the festival on Saturday. The Hanging Chads are playing at the festival. Can't wait to see them. We also want to go out on the Hubbards Marina Dolphin Watch Cruise. Another band I like here is the Caribbean Cowboys, which play Sunday.

Josue K.

Nothing but Smiles on a Florida Beach Vacation

A beachtown with mega live music, restaurants, and a tiki bar on the same pier. Adults will enjoy all the seafood, beach bars, tunes, and everyone raves over the waves! A good fat tire beach bike is required for vacations in Florida! A very entertaining beachtown and the Beer prices are good. Really cool area, a family-friendly place that has a little bit of that party vibe.

Courtney K.

Cocoa Beach Trip

Ok, Florida Travel Commander the Cocoa beach trip sounds good plus central Florida overall. I think that will work. I thought we would just stay around here and stay around your house, but since you have the points, we could use them. I think we could stay December twenty four and December twenty five in Orlando. We can stay January one, two, and three In the Area by the Melbourne Beach restaurants like djons.com cafe. That will work. I can come to your house for December twenty eight, twenty nine, and thirty. Depending on how kitty does, I can ask molly to look in on him once while we are in Melbourne, if I think that is needed.

Stan K.

Good Vacations

Hope you have a happy birthday. We had great luck with no rain in Cocoa Beach. That's fantastic, that's great, it sounds fantastic. Ok, Florida Travel Commander what a nice Fishing Pier at the city center and the food at bonefishwillys.net cafe. I am sorry too that we did not go Fishing at the end of the Pier. I think we were trying to do too much but we didn't have enough time. I'm glad we are not going to travel too far for Christmas or new years. It will be nice to do some things close to home and make some good food too. Oh Florida Travel Commander, it's your birthday. It's a happy day for the surfers and happy hours.

Fermin Q.