List of the Brevard County Florida Parks

Cape Canaveral Ocean Park is a Winner
They fish here all night long and there is a camp ground in this park. go

Indialantic Beach Park
All of the beach cities seem to have dedicated quite a bit of money to the local parks. go

Local Parks
One of the things I noticed right away when we got here is how historic is this area. go

Front Street Park
We noticed how popular this fantastically scenic waterfront sidewalk is and the bottom of the bridge comes right out here at Claude Edge Park otherwise known to most people apparently as front street park. go

Beach Parking
The one thing they do charge for is if you want to rent one of the facilities or the community centers, and the pavilions. go

There are people that are going to be boating in and out of Melbourne Harbor and that's about the only time you have to deal with any kind of stressful situation if you are beginning paddle border. go

Pier Fishing
That is a whole different experience because you're dealing with the waves in the ocean, and all the people walking by. go

Brevard County Beaches
After you cast your bait as far as you can out into the ocean, you simply with the relaxed line, start walking slowly back to the place where you can stick your pole into the support system built into the beach. go


Local Wildlife

Vacation to Cocoa Beach
I would like to make the reservation while the rates are still good. go

Art District
I used to think Vero Beach was the best area with the quaint little shops and a lot of things in an area for walking, but now I like here. go

Weekend Things to Do
What a neat neighborhood park, which provides two boat ramps. go

Beach Vacation Fun
Is there anything special we need to bring. go

What a spot is the chef Mario's cafe smack in the middle of the eau gallie arts district. go

Beach Resort
Melbourne Beach has a lot of waves and a lot of surfers equally, and we watched them each day when we would hang out by the water or when were walking down the shoreline. go

Oceanfront Hotel
What fun it is to be at a oceanfront hotel in the middle of Florida for all the pleasures that the beach provides. go

In the Area

It is a fun beach town for the food. Fill your plate with the freshest seafood around and hour pricing. From ocean-side to offshore cruise dining, there's a variety of ways to feast on food and Beer in the area. Try fresh grouper, shrimp or oysters on the waterfront. I do like the mango restaurant a lot. There are lots of small sized Rum Bar and grilles. I do like to try a lot of places. A good meal then, wash it down with some Key Lime Pie. You just have to love a good dessert like jamaican rum cake. Just be sure to mark April on your calendar for the Surfing contest. That's when surfing season officially kicks off. Come and enjoy the beach and explore the local menus. Do not miss simply delicious cafe and bakery.

Myrtle T.

Brevard County

Florida Travel Commander I will take it if they offer it to me. It is a good job working at the bar, good people, good company, great commute. I didn't know what to expect but it really went well. I am much more calm now. I have been edgy over looking for Brevard County best jobs. I'm glad it is over as life is fun when working with a Space Coast Beach smile.

Tuan J.