Fast and Yummy is our Eating Goal when on Vacation

Happy Hours 3pm to 7pm
There's nothing against the Del Taco restaurant as they make fish tacos but they don't touch the wonderful food they have here at the pub restaurant. go

Rainforest Orlando Restaurant is Special
Come summer, pulled pork sandwiches are definitely on the menu. go

Places to Eat
It's all up to you as there's so many great places to eat and many times it's hard to anticipate what time you want to eat. go

Lake Buena Vista Nachos Winner
The one at the Wide World of Sports is nice, but only if you are there for soccer games. go

Dinner on International Drive
The mile high twin cheeseburger is outstanding, plus oh so good are the french fries. go

Great Meal
It is nice having lots of choices because there are so many restaurants right here at Citywalk to choose from getting hungry could not be any better. go

Pleasure Palace of Great Beer Choices
It's nice to know that some of the restaurants have fun in Orlando and remind me of the Florida Keys. go

Budget Friendly
Delightfully light and mild on the calories is the egg white mcmuffin. go


Roadside Eateries

Hollywood Studios Grand Parade
The sexy folks are over on melt away Bay and the rest of the great swimming zones and of course the water park rides are fantastic. go

Great Orlando Attraction DIY
When you first arrive in town be sure to pick up some of those little free magazines. go

Small Kids Rides
The two kids get to shoot and the adult can watch and supervise the whole activity. go

Seeing the Disney Movie Stars
It was a great pleasure to enjoy the huge Holiday Parade at the Magic Kingdom. go

Lego Dragon
Many of the clubs have live music and performing acts. go

Check-In at Disney
Thank goodness your family can nearly go straight to the hotel room with the improvements during the Disney Resort Check-in Process. go

Shopping on International Drive
The Ron Jons Surf Shop is a winner for very nice beachwear. go

Menu Browsing is a lot of Fun

Menu browsing is a lot of fun on vacation in Orlando since there's so many themed restaurants which are fun and nutritional. We been reading all kinds of reviews of the local restaurants plus the various Places to Eat at the theme parks like the Sci-Fi Restaurant, which is hot on in the list to do when we go visit Hollywood Studios. It is important to always take some snacks with you, so therefore people don't get too cranky when they're waiting in lines. Sandwiches are good, however we've been trying to pack bread free sandwiches using lettuce leaves for the wrap. You really do not need to have bread to have a sandwich if you use some kind of wrap containing lunch meets, tuna salad, grilled chicken plus all the vegetables. With the smaller kids I would go ahead and pack some fruit cups or stop by Publix and get the kind that have the easy opening can. Fruit is filled with water and you're going to need it on a day at the Theme Parks with all the walking and the sweat.

Vonda K.

Restaurant Suggestions

Here is a list of the Magic Kingdom restaurants with a brief comment. Sleepy hollow bar is a winner at Liberty Square near the Hall of Presidents. Fantasyland Beer Bar is the place for the large cold beers. Gaston's tavern is a family pick in Fantasyland. Pinocchio village haus is themed up in Fantasyland. Plaza ice cream parlor on Main Street has Mickey Mouse ice cream bars. Tomorrowland terrace restaurant has Music on the right of the entrance to Tomorrowland. Main Street Bakery is just a good smell away from you on Main Street. Pecos bill tall tale inn and cafe is the Frontierland pick next to the Country Bear Jamboree. Columbia harbour house is the Liberty Square sit-down restaurant. Storybook treats is good for Quick Service foods in Fantasyland near the Mad Tea Party. Liberty Square Market is outside in the middle of Liberty Square with Patio Dining. Auntie gravity's galactic goodies is so cool for eats Tomorrowland. The diamond horseshoe Frontierland is the place to see a real saloon! Cool ship has the sodas for those walking through Tomorrowland near the Indy Speedway. Crystal palace is the character dining winner between Main Street and Adventureland. Lunching pad is a Good Place for lunch in Tomorrowland at rocket tower plaza. Cosmic ray's starlight cafe is beloved for the pretzels in Tomorrowland. Cheshire cafe is all about yummy in Fantasyland. Cinderella's Royal Table inside Cinderella Castle is top notch with kids. Liberty Tree Tavern has the beer waiting for you in Liberty Square. Tony's town square restaurant is A good Place to get grilled chicken on Main Street town square next to exposition hall. Golden oak outpost is all about burgers and salads at Frontierland near Splash Mountain. Tortuga tavern is for pirate beer in Adventureland opposite the Pirates of the Caribbean. Aloha isle has those dole swirl ice cream treats in Adventureland. Main Street confectionery is all about the candy lovers on Main Street. Sunshine tree terrace is on the right in Adventureland, adjacent to the enchanted tiki room. The friar's nook has your drinks and food treats in Fantasyland. The plaza restaurant at Main Street usa is nice for the daily mainstreet parade. Casey's corner is a classic part of Main Street usa.

Reba U.