Families will love the perfect vacation paradise for smiles

Winnie the Pooh is a Top Classic
Our family loves the rides where the Disney Characters can join along on the ride. go

The perfect Orlando event for families
It appears that the Disney Management Team knows how to pull more of us locals off the couch and over to the theme parks. go

Christmas Day
Because of the different varieties of animals that are located within the Theme Park, it's a lot better when the animals are actually doing something and not just laying around in the shadiest spot they can find a stay cool. go

Scream at Spectacular Live Events
One of the best things about going to this attraction is the fact that you can go with no lines or waiting whatsoever. go

The Music Area
Music is always the kind of thing that's great for all ages. go

Disney Themed Dessert Cafe
Oh my goodness will it gets you a sweet tooth. go

Pizza on the Boardwalk
Everyone will be happy with the quality and taste. go

Circle the Planet
The Indy Cars are one of the classic rides and they keep some of the old, mixed in with zany new things too. go


Disney World Photographs

All Star Music Discounts
The deals are also promoted on highway signs in numerous cities around the state. go

Magnolia Golf Course Hotel
This is the kind of resort that adults and kids are both big smiles. go

Swimming Pool
Take your pick of sports, swimming, games, and watertoys at this hotel. go

Swimming Pools
At the schoolyard sprayground little ones can splash safely along with nemo and friends. go

Accommodations at Disney Orlando
Only here in Orlando will you find hotel rooms are themed out like Toy Story the Movie. go

It Makes Our Family Fun Top-10 List
Our first stay at this fabulous hotel that is a ten minute boat ride from the Magic Kingdom. go

Cheap Hotel
Your only get to spend a certain amount of time at the hotel and then mostly are out and about. go

Happy with Mickey Mouse Activities

Hi florida travel detective from here in Disney Orlando! We love the weather and in January you cannot get better. If you got to see the problems with ice in atlanta. That is what I was talking about. The city is always unprepared for the ice. Luckily it was not the ice tree problem that knocks out the power lines. Happy here in south Central Florida!

Clarissa F.

All Smiles

While I am in Mickey Mouse Town, let us swing by the cat vet. I want to chat with them about kitty-pooh-juniors rabies, calicivirus, panleukopenia and rhinotrachetitis treatment! Ask the vet if would be ok to meet and discus at the wing house. Catman circus helper Florida Travel Commander knows the fancy medical terms! I joke as we are using the Orlando Pet Vet hotel yfvorlando.vetsuite.com to help with our cat during our Orlando pet friendly vacation.

Rosemarie W.