Expect to have the very best time boating and sightseeing

The Best Pick for Using a Snorkeling Vest
There's a lot of fun things that you get to choose from, so pay attention to the weather. go

Stop in for help Dive Center
Three trips daily is the typical schedule, so pick the best time. go

We are big fans of the Reef Trips
You most often have to book trips far enough in advance that there is not a good way to predict how the conditions are going to be, with winds, currents, and wave heights. go

Daily Entertainment is so engaging on the Island
It is Hot to do in Marathon Florida Keys. go

Shore Fishing requires a License
Bag limits, dates, specific ways to measure a fish, fish handling requirements, circle hooks, and more. go

Go to the Reefs
I like it best when it's not to packed with people, just the right size. go

Marathon Watersports Rental Shop
The marina is about five minutes on the water to Vaca Cut. go

National Marine Sanctuary Reef Trip
After doing most of the great things around the waterfront, I will have to vote for the Pennekamp Glassbottom Boat as the coolest trip ever. go


Nautical Nirvana

Coconut Shrimp and Chip Dinner awaits
We love to hit all of the top rated bars and those tend to be on Duval Street. go

The Big Trees make the Hotel
The abundance of attractions on the island highlights the fantastic water sports, marine life, and historic achievements. go

Impressed with the Local Island Area
Do not miss the glass-bottom boat ride. go

Nature Lovers Florida Keys
This distinct area of island stretches six miles, from tip to tip wide. go

Yeah to Help Yourself Foods
Try some of the interesting wraps, salads, smoothies, and more. go

Easy for the Boater to Enjoy
It's nice having a boater friendly hotel that has a twenty-four hour a day boat ramp. go

Sweet Stay on Sunset Lane
Everyone figured it was going to be in cute part of the city with the 200 Sunset Lane address. go


Be out on the Water

Nautical Nirvana

The big decision each day will be what to do. It all starts with the weather and wind is favorable you want to be out on the water than something like the Adirondack Sailing. What fun was the trip out on a midweek night here off the Port of Key West. The schooner Adirondack is really huge and just the right ticket for an island Sunset Sail. Go ahead and put Kayaking on your to do list and the place to go for that is Blue Planet Paddle. For some reason, I used to think that an outboard motor was the best thing going on the water. No longer, as the Scenic nature is best observed down low at the water level. If you really want to be creative why not do the water on the paddleboard. The first time I circled the island of Key West was on a wave runner and it was zippy quick. A much more scenic way to explore it all is on the paddleboard! If you want the captain to do the work you can go out on the Fury Snorkel and see everything Underwater! Your heart will get pumping during one exciting adventure. This is one to do and the boat ride alone is just amazing.

Andre E.