Every day is a good day to enjoy a bit of nature

Visit Little Crawl Key Park
Over the years, we have stopped at all of the cool places to relax for a bit on the way to Key West. go

Best Things with Children
For all of those in town with kids, make sure you go to the Marine Center. go

Exploring More of Key West
One of the better Key West places for lunch with a prime time view. go

Playtime in Island Paradise
Some of the standouts we would like to mention our: Smathers beach, Key West Lighthouse, and the Glass Bottom Boat Tour. go

Matecumbe Harbor Beach Area
Parking is limited, but most people just stop and check it out for less than a half hour. go

Upper Keys Kayak Launch Locations
It is just not so easy to find on the southern end of Key Largo. go

What we like to do the most
A little history helps put all the work it took for those that paved the way for our Florida Keys Vacations! go

Upper Keys Little League
Just bring your child to a game to start the process of joining. go


Area Parks

Beer with a View
It is directly across the channel from the Post Card Inn. go

Great times we shared around Marathon Key
Here's to continued good times at the Marathon Hump fishing. go

Hemingway Cats
Number one for all cats is space and room to roam! go

Boat Dockage at Fiesta Key Marina
During the daytime all the focus is on the ocean sports. go

Hotel with a View
Pure sunshine! go

Mile Marker One B&B
The abundance of attractions on the island highlights the fantastic water sports, marine life, and historic achievements. go

So Much Variety on Duval Street
Remember you are in the Florida Keys, so be sure to get some limes to go with your beer. go


Healthy and Trendy Cooking Alternatives

Area Parks

I loved the article in the island newspaper all about healthy and trendy cooking alternatives. Such options reduce the environmental impact of your meal, and they often taste much better! Locally grown veggies and fruits travel a shorter distance to make it to your grill, meaning less fossil fuel is consumed overall. This summer, why not try meat and poultry from free-range or grass-fed animals, rather than factory farmed and sold at the Key West Publix? When you choose sustainably sourced spices and herbs from purveyors like frontier natural co-op, you're not only getting outstanding flavor, but you can be assured the seasonings have been produced using practices that are better for the environment, too. Firm tofu, Portobello mushrooms and even polenta are healthy and trendy alternatives to meat. Better yet, select meat from a local farmer, buy organic or go vegan or vegetarian. When purchasing produce, peek for local options. Seasonings are a great way to add flavor without fat to your grilled meats and vegetables. We are promoting the florida keys to be more into healthy and trendy cooking alternatives, which is good for everyone.

Aron U.