Escape to a natural sanctuary with loads of watersports play

A Really Good Hotel for Boaters
Go left from the boat dock area, and in two or three minutes is the cut through for access to the Atlantic Ocean. go

Florida Keys Fishing is all about Rules
Up on the land are all that you will need for picnicking and there is a playground area for younger children. go

Good Places to Take the Boat in Florida
The hotel website did not list all the details about the boat ramp, but after arriving it worked out great. go

Boat Ramp Hotels
We would recommend the beach kayak rental location as a good idea for family fun. go

Easy for the Boater to Enjoy
If you haven't been down here fishing before, the Yellowtail Snapper are one of the best tasting fish and easiest to catch. go

Locations for the Islamorada Boating Day
Go either direction, since Islamorada is fantastic about bridge access to go back and forth, unlike Key Largo. go

Best of the Hotels That Are Boater Friendly
Plan on about twenty minutes to cruise out to the reef mooring fields. go

The Waterfront Makes Key West so Special
To the left from the beach is the Seaport, where the cruise ships stay. go


Waterway Traveler

Special Trips to the Outer Islands
The family is now considering a camping trip here, which would be even more an experience of a lifetime. go

Fish Catching in Islamorada
Bag limits, dates, specific ways to measure a fish, fish handling requirements, circle hooks, and more. go

Extra Special Fishing Spots
You will stay plenty busy right here at the hotel property, and then it is time to hop on the beach bike. go

All you need for Dinner is a Fishing Pole
The flounder spawn is coming up and they will start firing up just like the sheephead have been. go

Monroe County Parks and Recreation E
This is a real keys park for watersports fun! go

Pleasure life is an Islamorada Boating Vacation
There is a huge channel and deep water, so just about any boat size can fill up their tanks. go

Favorite Key Largo Things to Do
For the newbie, stay close to the boat. go


Bring your Boat

Waterway Traveler

If you don't bring your boat, you can still have A good Time out on the water if you take advantage of Pontunes Boat Rentals. This is a great thing to do, and it is so easy to rent a boat and just go. Call ahead and they will explain any homework you may want to do. We love so much going out and spending some time at Molasses Reef. It is a very fun place and really active with boaters, both private boats and the local dive shop snorkel trips. The national data buoy center does a nice job of keeping and updating everything about the reef. Before you go out you want to know exactly what the wind, water clarity, and overall conditions. Very easy for families is the Pennekamp Snorkel opportunities. The boat is very big and so safe with a professional captain that does this multiple times per day. Plan on seeing lots of fish, sharks, and even some sea turtles. Getting out on the ocean or bay is an exceptional thing to do in the Florida Keys. You want to get as much of this kind of watersports as possible.

Rogelio A.