Dock fresh seafood on the waterfront is a good thing

Water Trail Paddle Exploring
No experience is needed to rent these kayaks, just as long as you know how to swim and do wear the pfd-safety vest. go

Best Activities for a Florida Keys Trip
Just show up and get out there on this boat to enjoy a very special opportunity. go

Go hit the Water
When you are in the water, all is cool so we stay in for a long time. go

Florida Keys Hotels for Children
All of the hotel rooms have a view of the water and the fourth floor is fantastic. go

Rain on vacation stops the Boat Trips
This was something that we had no way planned on, as we took the boat tour used by movie legend Humphrey Bogart. go

Eating with a View
It is a beer bar, party time place with frozen drinks a plenty and wines by the glass. go

Animal Center of Key West
Have fun and be careful so you keep all your fingers. go

Entertaining Overseas Highway Stopping Locations
This place has the most incredible sunsets, and there is live entertainment here too. go


Day Trip Winners

Treasures you pick Out
High quality wood art signs are really nice for people to make a statement. go

Daily Fishing Trip Boat
After the fishing trip, watch the sunset at Sunset Park at the Marathon end of the old Seven Mile Bridge. go

The La Concha is Perfect for Families
This is one hotel where you can actually live without any transportation at all. go

Search for Cheap Gifts
Dressing for dinner at Sunset Key is the ultra thin dress with a Cardigan for warm, add in some Pumps plus a Clutch bag. go

Interactive Dolphin Play Programs
This is one of the most popular resorts in the Keys for fishing with full service amenities for boaters. go

Hotel with Watersports
Good prices got us to book the more affordable courtyard efficiencies. go

On the Menu at the Jewfish Creek Bar
Everyday is a party in Key Largo. go

Into the Action

I assume the people come down the Florida Keys and are hundred percent satisfied. We think it's an outstanding place to visit and just so much enjoy our Bicycle Sightseeing. This time we got an opportunity to stay in a really nice place called the Shipyard Condos down in the Truman Annex. I think we did good because we had the best time by far ever. If you're close into the action it does make it a little more fun. The prior trip we stayed at the Marriott which is up on roosevelt boulevard and we had A good Time but it's a little bit further away from the Duval Street crazies. People make it seem like it's super-crazy while down here. That is really only at night during the day things are pretty common the focus is on those party fishing boats and the reef snorkel trips. A lot of times to me it's way too windy and you don't want to go out in the boats and that's where the bicycle comes through big time. Learning about the history is pretty neat and I enjoyed so much eating at the Sloppy Joe's Restaurant. This guy sloppy, has the full name of Sloppy Joe Russell and he was a rum runner during the prohibition era where you weren't supposed to drink alcohol but he got it from cuba.

Santiago U.


This is a good one for a Florida Keys lover. My neighbors cut down a huge amount of bushes where the medium-sized Florida bunny lives. That was a few weeks ago and now mr bunny is my friend! I kid you not, two times now I have been working on my house outside busy with my headphones on and then wham, my eye catches the bunny within six feet. The bunny can hear me singing and humming to the music. Six feet, not thirty feet! The bunny eats purple flowers! Later I can go back and forth without mr bunny running off by talking my way out to him. I softly say hey mr bunny, but super soft. Hey mr bunny! Florida Travel Commander has a bunny pet!

Dina B.

Very Fun Time

Fantasy Fest is the best down here near the Southernmost Point. Oh my, it is only ten days to the big cup cake awards! It is a daily fun time. If you want some work done, I could come up on Thursday and go home on Sunday. The Body Paint time will be good. Halloween is a very fun time and we get it good in Florida with the weather. I sure hope they do not change the time between now and then, the spring-forward and fall-back time change experiment of way back that stills goes! Remember that the candy snag season is in full bloom, so go get some goodies! See all at the Sloppy Joe's bar tonight at eleven.

Amie B.