Do a little homework before your trip to not miss a thing

Sightseeing locations in Key West
We park our car at the hotel and forget about it, the only way to get around this town is sightseeing on the bicycle! go

Happy Hour Buzz Tour Bus
Put this on your to do list for mile marker zero. go

Buying Seafood of the Atlantic Ocean
One of the key things to do in Key Largo is eat the critters that come from the sea. go

Rent from Island Bikes
This is a town where you need bicycles, it is just the way it is! go

Staying in the Best Shape
I like to go early in the morning and leave the rest of the day to play. go

Mile Marker 47 Seaside Public Park
Not all of the parks are highly known and this is one that often gets passed up by those buzzing down to Key West. go

Great Key West Dance Party
If you are making plans to come down and vacation in Key West during this weekend festival, you are in luck! go

Super City to Tour with Mobility
In the middle of the day, when it is heated up on the streets of Key West, that is where the electric vehicle comes a nicely. go


Nothing to Lose

Walk to Bars and Marinas
The key here is you get to match your budget to the room style. go

Middle Keys Travel Agent
Asked for some of those subway foot-long coupons. go

The place for Early Morning Breakfast
This is a special opportunity to be treated so nicely. go

French Bakery
Buying pastries in Key West gets no finer than the number one rated Croissants De France. go

Hotel Rentals for Boaters in Islamorada
You have to try the super island pizza cafe. go

Island Views of the Harbor
We think this provides the ultimate view of the city of Key West, plus the surrounding waterways and harbor. go

Upscale Eating
Eat a fresh catch platter, plus all the good stuff like salads, steaks, sandwiches. go

Vacation Homes Left Vacant

Good morning to all in the Florida Keys. Water leaks are a big issue when people leave for long periods of time. I walked the exterior of your house and saw no water on. Does your house have a shut off valve outside next to the house? My house has a quarter-turn valve, which I turn off when I leave for the week. If so, that is the easiest way to stop the water. Your pool person would have to turn it on to add water to the pool if needed. The other way to turn the water off is in the yard-box. I do have a tool to turn the water off completely in the yard-box, which is what the water department would also do. This is another option for you to decide. Option one above would be best. Option two would also stop the problem. Let me know if I can help.

Avery M.

All about Travel Trips

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Whitney I.