Disney World has neat sidewalk trails that traverse the entire property area

Small Kid Slides
Not sure why, but they do smile the brightest on a Disney day. go

What a Great Photo
I sure hope that little girl can drive! go

Wet Rides are better than Rollercoasters
Nothing beats Florida's wet resort all because of a freak Florida snowstorm which hit the theme park. go

Funny Epcot Clown Man
It is a pleasure to walk around and enjoy the all day eye candy. go

Outdoor Adventures
Today we are going to play tennis and catch some bass later from the hotel dock. go

Hop on the Disney Train Ride
It is just a better time when you have the dancing cast members and they seem to have the very best in musical talents. go

Very Good for all Ages
Top of the list for adults and children to do together at the park. go

Orlando's Hottest Family Entertainment Shows
Shows are the hot ticket on this end of the theme park, so we ended up spending much of our time here. go


Dedicated to Mickey Mouse

Free Hour Early in the Parks
It is very cool for breakfast, but comes in handy all day long for quick snacks, since you are on the go at the theme parks. go

Green Resort
The rules are that you either have to be active military member or you must be connected to one that is staying there, like a family member or grandson. go

Hotel for the Monorail
There is no doubt that the monorail is one of the coolest things going on for anybody, especially children under twelve years old. go

Floatworks Cafe
This is great for keeping the kids occupied while mom and dad enjoy a nice dinner and a bottle of wine. go

Swimming Pool Slide
Because you're on vacation at a fun place we tend to do things to little more access but never get out a line or get drunk. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
Every Disney vacation resort we have dined in offers something special. go

Vacations for the Sports Children
Our Orlando vacation trips have taught us to only book a room at one of the very huge swimming pool resorts. go

Buying Disney tickets through AAA Travel

This is our spot for weekend pleasures. We feel very fortunate that our company is involved in a discount program with Disney. Many of the local corporate clients have something going on with the Disney gang. The Waterparks are super for groups. We always purchase our Disney tickets through the AAA Travel Program.

Harland A.

Scary Rides are the Best

Did anyone hear about the Kali River Rapids issues that happened. We were over at Animal Kingdom Theme Park yesterday and did the ride twice. It was reported that a handful of people were hurt on the ride, and they closed it for a few hours. I wonder what happened. They did not have any detail on the news. Does anyone know. Kali River Ride is Awesome.

Jc Q.