Orlando Supercation at Disney

Lovely Starting at Check-In
You can get all the sunlight you need out by the Uzima Springs Pool Bar and swimming pool, we like that they keep this environment controlled and it looks like you're in a big giant tiki hut. go

Hollywood Studios Resort Area
Enjoy a great beach getaway and toss in the zillions of fun adventures of Disney! go

Swimming Pools
Very upscale are the villa condo units which are nice sized for longer term stays. go

Mayan Pyramid Pool
We like fitness so we biked and walked the area daily. go

Hotels with it All
Maybe the best part about staying here at this value resort is the cheap food and a quick style service food. go

Our Favorite Hotel at Disney
This is one of the best areas in Orlando for Nightlife without using a car or bus. go

Large Families at Disney World
If you're feeling especially adventurous go with the bikes or a boat. go

Staying for Cheap
We always keep in the luggage plastic forks spoons and knives and paper plates. go


Theme Park Hotels

Ideas for Lakeside Dining at Disney with Music
For food here, we like the La Cantina De San Angel. go

Little Speedboats
Disney did a really good job of providing a myriad of things to do on the water channels. go

Golf Swing
Every time we come on our trips to Orlando there's always something to surprise us. go

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone
Of course you get a cherry on the very top, what else would it be! go

Some of the Top Things to Do
After you are ushered into a darkened back alleyway, a Super Stretch limo takes you on the ride start. go

Hot Meatball Sandwiches
I got the italian pot roast off the huge menu and just have to rave over the recipe. go

Good on a Rainy Day
An unbelievable five stories of indoor action, plus Disney Springs right here. go

Perfect Pools for Swimming Season

It always makes me wonder about people that do not understand Florida. Many people head back to the north in the Summer Season, but that is a hugely winning time to live in the state. I love the beachfront hotel prices, and Disney goes dirt cheap on all of the value resorts for Florida Residents. The tropical storms keep things interesting, and it is the perfect time to swim every single day. Forget jogging, play time is all about the Swimming Pools and Beach Shoreline. Leave the state in the summer. No way.

Rafael U.

Vacation Trip Ideas

We are Staying in Orlando and need a fitness place to go. I am going to try and get something that does not have a contract. We need ideas for sure. I do have a good Eating Place at logans roadhouse picked out. The new Disney wifi service looks good and I am going to try and get something that has a silent ring, and something that has email available on it.

Lanny E.