Be part of all the magical things new at Disney

Under the Sea
That is what makes this show special, Ariel does a wonderful job telling the tale of the Little Mermaid. go

Good on a Rainy Day
Disney Quest is wild family times and very fun! go

German Wine and Beers
The german wine and beers are fantastic as is the food. go

Disney Means Fun and Giant Pools
A really key benefit of being an annual pass holder is the zany restaurants that are dotted all over the entire Disney Orlando Property. go

Wet beach style exercise is so fun
You get a good value here, it is much cheaper than the Animal Kingdom or Epcot. go

Girls want a Cinderella Haircut
At the bottom of the Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom Main Street is a darn neat Disney haircut shop for girls. go

Stage Shows
It's a big stage so you have to go early if you want to be in the bottom ten rows or so, which seems to me would be the best place to be. go

Leroy Small's Travel Agency
I have to recommend the Movie Star Restaurant when you get hungry. go


Fun Stuff

Hotel Rooms near Magic Kingdom
We like to be able to go up to the rooftop cafe and get cocktails and have a beautiful view in the afternoon. go

Orlando Travel Smarter was Rewarded
It was so pretty staying right on lago dorado lake. go

Splash Pleasures
Very good is the free transportation and the same thing goes for the campground bus system. go

Disney Bus
Yes, fancy frozen drinks. go

Take the Boat Taxi Rides
ANSWER: Perfect for all ages to smile wide, stay and play at the Boardwalk Carnival and Entertainment District. go

Lots of Reasons to Book a Hotel Room
See the restaurant designed as a boat building operation with a food court inside. go

Active Vacations gives Disney Resorts the Advantage
The property is hugely spacious for walking, biking, or any type of fitness activities. go

We Pick the Nightlife at Citywalk

The Boardwalk Area is a winner, but close behind is Citywalk. And Citywalk is free, with the one exception of parking. But you can avoid that all together by being dropped off or walking over from our I-Drive Hotel. A nice diversion from entrance fees, plus daily Live Music.

Zelda W.

Planning for Disney Theme Parks

We strongly recommend deciding where you want to eat and making reservations, or planning how you'll handle meals and snacks well in advance of your vacation. Quick Service is the name of the game at the theme parks, because time is limited. There's little worse than walking aimlessly through the crowded parks searching for something to please your palate. It is good to know your food options before you've even arrived in Orlando. Know you food and your kid's hunger, to be ready when that moment has come! Knowing where to find the best eats and treats at Walt Disney World should be a part of every Disney-goers strategy. We love the sci-fi Dine in Theater.

Gretchen S.