Disney is super for restaurant dining

The Spa Services were exceptional
Most of the games are centered around the huge swimming pools in the warm months, every month except January and February. go

Setting is Beyond Words
Absolutely a great resort that is perfect for a honeymoon. go

Just a fascinating Orlando Resort
We are glad to have picked this wonderful place to stay. go

Easy Walk to Epcot Park
There just is too much twenty-four hour a day activity all within walking distance. go

Happy Orlando Hotel Pick
You can see the three-story electric guitars found at All-Star Music Resort. go

New Orleans Themed Hotel
You pay extra to be close to pools, but it is a three minute walk no matter what room you stayed in. go

Pool Slide
It is nice to be in mickey's world every moment of the day. go

Captivating Island Resort Paradise
It is a fun and relaxing retreat, where you experience this enchanting and captivating island paradise. go


Getting your Hotel

Tom Sawyer Island
Here they turn you loose to walk, look, and enjoy your very own island adventure. go

Things we like at Downtown Disney
This is the place to make her smile and catch a glimpse of the newest Disney Princess Rapunzel. go

Cobblestone Plaza Beer Cafe
Everyday is oktoberfest in Epcot Germany as 16th-Century historical architecture and festive atmosphere gets you going. go

Shaking Hands with Mickey Mouse Orlando
Character meet and greet is part of the parade experience. go

Touring More of Epcot
I will have to say how wonderful the Mexican Chicken Wraps are here at Epcot. go

Two Nights
The Disney lower priced value resort will make your family smile! go

What a Great Photo
What a great photo, I just loved it so much. go

Good Prices on the Hotels

We've been coming back to Orlando year after year because of that good prices on The Hotels in the city. When I say Orlando, I am really talking about Central Florida. Sometimes we even stayed over there at Cocoa Beach for a few days and then later came back and did the disney stuff. I like Orlando mainly because of the activities that are good for families to do together. We never get bored here. Every once in a while it will rain all day and pretty much screw things over, however that's when things like the mall at millennia comes in handy. Even Disney Springs is not that bad on a rainy day as you can get from store to store without Getting Wet rather easily. That reminds me of when I go back to Disney Springs, I can't wait to eat it that Earl of Sandwich restaurant. They have the best menu and really good prices as compared to eating at say a restaurant Inside the Theme Parks. It's on Disney Property but pretty much everything is seven dollars or less, and the food is outstanding. They have those big thick wraps and salads that are large enough to actually really fill you up fully, not like the salads at McDonald's. It's a good town and make sure you go out and do the cocktail experience along International Drive one evening.

Wilford Y.

Making most of the Hotels

That is great that we can go with last minute reservations in the summer. It is the birthday time, so I might come up on Thursday, not today, but next Thursday. The Boardwalk Inn resort is our target and I want to cook inside with the crock pot. I was thinking about using your crock pot and making something that day in the room while we are at Hollywood Studios Theme Park. Please have it out just in case. I am open to suggestions but the Key West Resort clam chowder recipe looks pretty good and uses a bunch of fresh ingredients like corn, finely chopped carrots, three of those six ounce cans of minced clams, low-fat milk, black pepper, fresh parsley, corn pieces, six slices of bacon well cooked and crumbled, diced superfine potatoes, and some chicken broth. The slow cooker is the key and I am still in awe of the stuff you made. Or maybe a meatloaf and mushrooms like they serve at the Brown Derby. Another good one is chicken jambalaya like at Epcot World Showcase. I got the crockpot books! You can look something up or I will surprise you. Make a suggestion if you want too. I want to look at the weather, but that way the Lion King kitty and I can work on the patio on Friday.

Lester I.