Disney is for sure the most exhilarating day trip

Performing Live
At the beginning of each backlot tour show, they ask for a few volunteers to be in the actual performance. go

Main Street
We love the Theme Parks which break out santa claus and all his gifts! go

Newbie Guide to the Epcot Park
This is exactly the type of thing that our girls love to do. go

Best Places for Wine Drinking
Each day is different, that is the way Disney works. go

Finding the Wild Side of Orlando
When you walk into the african area of Animal Kingdom park, get a fastpass for kilimanjaro safari. go

Sports Games
You can actually get some tips on your golf game from a professional golfer. go

Beating the Lines Disney Strategy
Each day during our Disney Vacation we got to see a bunch of fun things that are not on the daily event guide. go

We Love the Fast Rides
With this much stunning african wilderness, make sure your video camera is charged on the zoo ride because you're going to need it. go


Lots of Fun to Do

Caribbean Resort Lakeside Rental
We stayed for four nights during our most recent Disney Vacation Package. go

Splashable Pleasures
They have a huge emphasis on locals and any Florida Residents. go

Swimming Pool
Renting a room near Disney World is a great idea. go

Top Disney Orlando Resorts
There are plenty of deals on the web these days, as Disney has really picked it up with loads of Special Offers and Vacation Packages. go

Poolside Bar
What a super spot for a swimming pool bar. go

The Hotel Features Mangino's
One of the cool hotels we ended up staying on our last trip is the all green resort. go

Big Pool at the Riverside Resort
Pretty much every time we came back to the hotel we would quickly get into something that you could get wet in, including the wet wearable shoes. go


Really Entertaining

Lots of Fun to Do

If you get a chance to go to Epcot make sure you check out the United Kingdom area, they have some really funny stuff. I love the Street Acts, where they do skits right in front of everybody. These are really entertaining because their interactive with the crowd. The Disney people will ask for volunteers to come on Stage and it's always hilarious. I like going to The Canadian Area, as the Canada Showcase is the place for food. If you like beef dishes, canadian people really know how to make a steak. We think it's worth the money to come to the parks, and yes it is expensive. If you can somehow swing the annual pass, then you can really save and enjoy more of the experience. The budget hotels do find for us and we typically stay at All-Star Music Resort.

Elroy L.