Review of all of the Disney Orlando Resorts

Happy Orlando Hotel Pick
The resorts are always offering low rates along with exaggerated Disney design flair. go

Disney's Tropical Island Resort
Orlando ticket purchases require a bit of homework these days, but that is how you save. go

Special with Swimming Pool Activities
Your children can play and run around and they have excellent food over here, the restaurants are outstanding. go

Very Happy with the Water Taxi Hotel
My son brought his Sector 9 Longboard and had a lot of fun cruising the resort sidewalks. go

Splash Pleasures
We loved camping at Disney before and it is better now. go

Refrigerators are nice in the Disney Hotels
Do not pay for preferred rooms, it is not that big of deal. go

My Favorite Places to Eat
For coffee and sweets get the Mango sorbet with berries. go

Hotels at Disney
Good news here, the swimming pool is heated very nicely to toast the eighty three degrees in the winter time. go


Guest Parking

Very Scary
After going to the scary mansion, spend some time on Splash Mountain and big thunder railroad. go

Wine Buying
The entertainment is outstanding with the extra emphasis on alcohol, music, and dancing. go

It was impressive to see the 8-foot Hulk figure at the entrance. go

Which Disney Hotel
Pricey, but a great time for all ages and highly romantic for those couples seeking something for two. go

Adults can buy Alcohol
This is a part of Disney Orlando that is much more strongly geared towards adults, and certainly not for smaller children. go

La Cantina De San Angel Restaurant
For food here, we like the La Cantina De San Angel. go

Ecpot Shopping Village Winners
Epcot China is just fantastic and one of the better places to go. go

A Prime Spot for All

Great restaurants for families at Disney Orlando starts here. The Rainforest Cafe orlando is a winner. Here are some dish samples, and the menu is huge and covers little kids to grandpa! Caribbean Coconut Shrimp (Shrimp skewered and rolled in fresh coconut and fried to a golden brown served with mango sauce). Cyclone Crab Cakes (Crab cakes made with lump crabmeat garnished with lemon butter sauce). Seaside Clam Chowder (New england specialty, loaded with clams potatoes and vegetables). Jungle Chop Salad (Grilled chicken, lettuce mix, black olives, cucumbers, carrots, red cabbage, pecans, blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries, tossed in a fat-free vinaigrette dressing). Mojo Bones (Rack of slow-roasted pork ribs, basted with bbq sauce, with Safari fries and cole slaw).

Rey A.

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