Where to find Mickey Mouse at Disney?

German Area
My pick for the perfect spot for a few cold beers is in the Germany Pavilion, where the imported brews are ice cold. go

See R2-D2 and Star Wars Characters
Fewer crowds are there at the tail of the parade, so we prefer the end of the parade route. go

Here is a place that they promote all things about sports for children. go

Sports Games
Our favorite course is the Magnolia Golf Course, which is right next to the Magic Kingdom Theme Park. go

Hidden Gems for your Children
Oh so neat is the Orisirisi African Folklore Events, with its unique brand of African folkloric performances and educational programs. go

Focus on the Shows
Remember about the lines, Way more important is you and lion-king-Lion King Kitty are healthy, plus your mom and dad too! go

British Pub
I bet you've never tried cottage pie! go

Interactive Excitement at Disney Mall
An unbelievable five stories of indoor action, plus Disney Springs right here. go


Ride Trip Reviews

Captivating Island Resort Paradise
We came for three nights, and it ended up not going to the Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios because there was so much time spent around the hotel complex. go

Magnolia Golf Course Hotel
Adjacent to the Magic Kingdom and top rated Magnolia Golf, with free transportation to all of Disney World. go

Super Clean
I call a vacation a lot better when I don't have to drive at all except on my bicycle. go

Hotel for the Monorail
Using the boat taxi to travel is a nice amenity and an add on to the express monorail service. go

Pool Pleasures at the Downtown Disney Resorts
My son brought his Sector 9 Longboard and had a lot of fun cruising the resort sidewalks. go

Swimming Pools
Look for the travel deals and discounts when you purchase Disney Park Tickets and Universal Tickets. go

Swan Resort Restaurant
For coffee and sweets get the Mango sorbet with berries. go

Best Months to Enjoy Disney Orlando

Being a Florida Resident is huge for saving money on that Orlando getaway you've always wanted. We were very impressed with the three day Disney Pass, which amounts to only 30% of the regular price. It is just too hard to pass up. We have a lot of fun at the beaches and do mega day trips around the coastline, but the entertainment in Orlando is so strong. The days are at the theme parks and when we finish it is to the giant Disney Hotel Swimming Pool. Disney does the best job with the pools, but even some of the Marriott's and Hilton's have a theme park pool zone. They really make the value Worth the Price. We also like to go in May, you can beat the summer rush to Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Orlando rocks for locals, the best months are May and June.

Sonny L.

Love the Nightlife Cocktail Bars

Specialty Cocktails and coffee at Paradiso 37 are excellent. This is the place we looked at the last time we went to Disney Springs and you said you liked it. It looks excellent! Delicious Spicy Food, good prices, live entertainment, open late, great atmosphere. I think this is the place to go. It opens at 11am and for all the food and entertainment. Good pick for Orlando Nightlife.

Jordon F.