What kinds of entertainment and festivals are happening at Disney?

Riverside Food Court
Impressive in every way is the Disney dining plan, but you do not need to get that when you stay at a hotel. go

Lake Buena Vista Gun Range
Guns are legal to shoot and you can go for the high score prize. go

Rent the Disney Boats
Having all the watersports options for play is a huge plus. go

Family Ride to Mars
The very best ride at Disney World is the space mission to planet mars. go

Best Time for Orlando Trips
Book your trip early, since this is a dry, non rainy time to do lots of the good stuff. go

Just like the Daytona 500 Speedway, accidents happen. go

Disney Springs Arcade Center
All for one price is this giant arcade and there is no time limit. go

Super for the Little Children
The key tip is to avoid the line that forms sometimes in the evenings, just to get the required wristbands. go


Good Things to Share

If you have children on your Orlando Vacation, then high on your list of things to do is swimming pool playtime! go

Best Swimming Pools at Disney Orlando
Planning to book this week and we are into the swimming pool experience. go

Being on the monorail line is a super hotel upgrade. go

Resorts are loaded with Electronics
You get your own beach park and a huge swimming pool that just might be the very best in the area. go

Daily Events at the Resort
I like the full sized refrigerators at Saratoga Springs, as last year we stayed at all star music and there you only get small-sized refrigerators. go

Pool Pleasures at the Downtown Disney Resorts
This is one impressive area and it is one of the resorts where bicycles are great to have and the bonus water taxis. go

Completely Unique Hotel
This hotel is highly recommended for animal fans! go

Day Trips to Mouse Town

(IDEA) I have always thought a Disney-Atlantic Ocean Beach Splitter Weekend works well from St Petersburg-Tampa. Do the first night at one of the All-Star Resorts or Pop Century. With the Hotel Card, go and enjoy a bunch of the resorts. Check out the prime time pools and have a blast at the Hotel Entertainment Areas. The key to this is the Disney Hotel Card, which gives us clout at Beach Club, Swan, and the rest of the fun places. Then the party continues on the next day to Cocoa Beach or Daytona. You get a full day, night, and the next day in Daytona. That would be a nice way to divide up. (ANSWER) Perfect suggestion for all of the warmer months here in Florida. Say from May to September. That is an interesting concept and good planning except that it will be December so I don't think we will be doing any swimming, since we could hardly swim in Key West last year in October. Don't forget - if you were born in December, boo hoo for swims. Yeah, yeah for attractions.

Elinor F.

Loaded with Eye Candy

One tip, make sure they go for a long jog or a long bike ride before heading to the park. My husband likes to bike and jog, so if I can get him to do that before going to the theme parks, he would certainly slowdown. Disney is for relaxing, not speeding through!

Manuela C.